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Hello, I'm Vicky!

I’m a blogger, retreat host and coach helping busy entrepreneurs seeking healthier ways to eat and live.

If you want to start prioritising your health, to feel more organised and in control when it comes to living healthier and want to find a supportive, like-minded community making changes in your life, you’re in the right place.

Something that I made for you...

The Flourishing Pantry e-book



“This book is a capsule collection of key ingredients that store well in your kitchen and form the basis for hundreds of healthy meals.

It contains all my favourite ingredients, ideas and tips for dishes you can use them in and 10 easy to make recipes to get you started.

My hope is that with this book at your side and the handy downloadable shopping lists it provides, you’ll be stocking your cupboards for healthy eating every day with minimal effort.”


Delve into my collection of recipes for nutritious breakfasts, filling main dishes, irresistible desserts, smoothies, drinks and snacks, all designed to be easy and quick to make for busy people just like you.

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Each week I write a post bringing you the best in healthy living know-how. I share my experiences and tips and tricks on healthy living and interview inspiring women building businesses whilst taking care of their health.

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