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Vicky | The Flourishing Pantry

Hello! My name is Vicky and in 2016 I started on a bit of a life change.

Fed up with years of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms I took a food intolerance blood test in January 2016. 

Since then I have been on an incredible journey learning how to nourish myself, where to go for the best information on nutrition and most importantly, how to spot what's just nutribabble (which sadly includes food intolerance blood tests). 

In an online world that has become increasingly shouty about nutrition and wellness I started my blog to share the answers to the nutrition questions you and I are both asking. 

I'm not an expert - I'm just like you, trying to make sense of it all and eat well for life. 

I don't always get it right, but that's part of the journey. 

My blog The Flourishing Pantry is for those wanting to gain knowledge and understanding about a diet and lifestyle that makes them feel healthier and better nourished. If you've found me, I'm pretty sure that's you. 

My blog is built on three strands: discoveries, recipes and inspiration:

Discoveries from the world of nutrition and science, as well as knowledge on the best ways to live healthy beyond what's on the plate. 

Recipes filled with wholesome ingredients which taste great and are easy to make. 

Inspiration to fill your lives and minds with things to try and places to go for the meaningful information I know you're looking for. 

I'd love to hear from you and to find out about your experiences. Please do get in touch here on the blog or on socials, and most of all continue to share recipes and inspiration.