Hello and welcome to The Flourishing Pantry!

Vicky The Flourishing Pantry

Hello! My name is Vicky and I’m a coach, retreat host and blogger helping busy entrepreneurs seeking healthier ways to eat and live. 

Following years struggling with IBS I changed my diet in 2016 and started my blog The Flourishing Pantry to share my discoveries.

Blogging catapulted me into a world of amazing and powerful ideas for how to live a healthier life through food, movement and mindset. I knew I wanted to be a part of it and had so much I wanted to give back. So in 2017 I left my full-time job and started to work for myself. 

My path hasn’t always been straight-forward and I haven’t always had it all figured out. In many ways I still don’t. 

I’ve been sucked into fads, cut out huge food groups from my diet, fallen on and off the exercise bandwagon, felt completely confused about my future path and been struck down with imposter syndrome more times than I can count. I’ve also signed up to deliver too much work for other people leaving me exhausted, angry and unfulfilled. 

But over time I’ve come to identify what my own passion, skills and experience can manifest into and that’s what brings me here today. 

I want to share with you my journey, the things I’ve learned and the tips and advice I can give you now, working for myself and prioritising my health just as highly as my business. 

I want to help other women looking to make changes for a healthier life whilst they build awesome brands.

I use my experiences, set-backs and revelations to bring you my best hacks, know-how and resources that will help you prioritise you.

Join the conversation with me on social media or right here on the blog. Or maybe sign up for my e-course or come along to one of my retreats. However you connect know that you'll be getting the healthiest advice I can offer you every single day.