Let's work together

I have two options for people who want to make change just like you... 



To modulate [moj-uh-leyt] (verb):
a) to alter or adapt according to the circumstances
b) to vary the amplitude, frequency, or some other characteristic of a power source

You know you want to make a change, you just don't know where to start. Something is stopping you, but you know this change is something you crave; you just need the support and tools to get it kick started. 

Over six months together we will dive deep on what this change is going to mean to you and how you can go about achieving it. We will create a crystal clear action plan and start to work through it to enable you to make that change you're dreaming of. We will explore the mindsets that are blocking you and change the frequency you're working on so that you start to see and attract all the good that is waiting for you. 

As with everything at The Flourishing Pantry, my coaching is built on a foundation of health. Your six months with me will include a grounding in everything you need to build a healthy lifestyle while achieving your goals, with tips on healthy eating, movement and meditation as part of the programme. 

Are you ready to modulate? 

Your investment: €1,125

Payment plans available



Manifest [man-uh-fest] (adjective):
a) readily perceived by the eye or the understanding; evident; obvious; apparent; plain
b) to prove; put beyond doubt or question

Sometimes the best lessons are the ones that you already know. You just need to hear them in a fresh way: so they speak loud and clear to you and click like never before. 

You want to bring change into your life. You just need to create a plan, and formulate it alongside someone who will support and guide you and remind you what you are capable of.  

Maybe you’re feeling unfulfilled with where you are currently. Maybe you know what you 'should' be doing, but you can't get the help and support you need to get started. Or maybe you know the end goal but need help filling that out into a tangible vision and actionable steps to get there. 

It’s time to manifest that dream and make it happen. 

Your investment: €175