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Hello, I'm Vicky!

I’m a coach helping wellness entrepreneurs turn their business
ideas into reality.

If you are looking for tools, tips, guidance and support in building a fulfilling and sustainable wellness business then you’re in the right place.

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Everything you need is already inside you

I'm Vicky, a coach helping wellness entrepreneurs find the confidence, clarity and belief they need
to create the business they’re dreaming of.

My job is to help you see the value you have to offer and find your own way to get it out in the world

I do this by helping you get clear on what you want, build engaged audiences for the content and services you offer, overcome the fears and mindsets that have been holding you back and support you in building a wellness business
that is rewarding, inspiring and sustainable.

The Flourishing Pantry | coaching for wellness entrepreneurs


“ I'm delighted that I decided to do coaching sessions with Vicky. It was great to have someone who listened to my ideas with encouragement and without judgement. I would recommend doing some coaching sessions with Vicky if you are in need of some direction… and need a nudge in the right direction to start working on your goals and maybe even create some new ones. ”


“ Coaching with Vicky has helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. I had put off starting my blog for years. Vicky coached me through my barriers and helped me through the process, from picking a host, to decided on content and finally to launch. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling to start or move something forward. ”


“I found myself at a crossroads in my business, and I was seeking some clarity around some decisions that I knew I had to make, from somebody independent but suitably qualified. I needed a solid sounding board, and Vicky provided this for me. With agility she drew the answers that I was seeking from me, and I was left with a clear action plan at the end of our time together. The quality of resources provided i.e. a recording of our call and a copy of her comprehensive notes, were excellent and has provided me with a great reference resource. I would highly recommend working with Vicky.”


“ The coaching session with Vicky was excellent. It helped me explore some of my thought processes around my goal, as well as where and why I am getting stuck on moving forward with it. ”

Step-forward coaching session feedback


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Sick of signing up for online courses that don’t get you results? Download the ultimate checklist to get your wellness business started right now.

You’ve got a fantastic wellness business, you just haven’t got it out into the world yet.

You think you need more skills, more knowledge, more experience. I’m here to tell you that you don’t. You just need to start here.

This list will take you through the steps you can start putting into place right now. No paid courses, no upgrades, no costly tools. All the free things you can do right now to make your business happen. 

Here are some more ways that I support wellness entrepreneurs like you…

Inspiring interviews

Dig in to my series with business owners who share their stories, let you in on their internal dialogues and offer you tips for your own entrepreneurial journey.


A supportive community

Join the Flourishing Entrepreneurs community of wellness business owners, sharing tips and resources and supporting like-minded people building brands just like you.

Free resources

Get the notepad and pen out and prepare to learn. I share in-depth videos and stacks of the best resources that make your work shine and reach your ideal client.


If you are looking for tools, tips, guidance and support in building a fulfilling and sustainable wellness business,
you’re in the right place.

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