10 presents I'd love for Christmas if Santa would just hurry up and win the lottery

Let's get real. Father Christmas doesn't have endless pots of money to buy me everything I want this festive season. Like me, he's a normal average earner counting down to pay day every month!

But it's nice to pretend isn't it?! I am one of those sad people that has an online wishlist (I use wishlistr.com) that I share with friends and family when they ask what I want for birthday and Christmas. And that's got all the reasonably priced items on it; you know the stuff - the gift vouchers, or body lotion or books that are perfect stocking fillers. I'm not asking those folks to blow the bank. 

So instead I'm using this blog entry as a fantasy wishlist. Ten things that I've been thinking about over the last twelve months that I would love to own, but just don't have the spare spondoolies for. Or spondulix, as I never knew it was spelt. You learn something new every day, thank you Google. 

1.    Lifebox subscription  
Starting from £19.95 per month at lifeboxfood.com

In the jungle of social media and bombardment from hundreds of brands I love the idea of someone delivering the best to my door. Lifebox does gluten free, cleanse, women, men and children's boxes to cater for all! My vote is for an Everyday subscription to continue discovering great food on my yeast free diet.  

2.    Nikon camera lens
Prices from £149 at jessops.com

Pretty much all of my Instagram and blog photos to date have been taken on my iPhone 6. Thank you Camera+ for making them look so much better! But I really need to grow up and upgrade. 

I went to a Health Bloggers Community event recently and was so reassured to hear blog hero Niki from Rebel Recipes say she also used her phone to take photos for the first year of her blog until she was bought a new camera for Christmas.

My boyfriend has now kindly lent me his Nikon D3100 but Niki's advice was to spend some cash on a really decent lens. I've got a lot of research to do but maybe Santa's Little Helpers could do that for me...

3.    Dualit toaster
£183.95 at johnlewis.com 

Okay don't laugh. I don't own a toaster. Am I the only one?! I also don't own a microwave though that bothers me a lot less.

Sometimes it would be nice to throw on some toast and know it's going to be perfectly done on both sides without having to keep checking under the grill. I don't just want any toaster of course, only the best and something beautiful for the kitchen counter. 

4. Hopps & Wolf nut milk maker 
£72.99 at hoppsandwoolf.com

After reading this hilarious review from Rhik Samadder at the Guardian, I became obsessed with the idea of getting a nut milk maker. My boyfriend has already vetoed it, but it hasn't put me off.

At the moment I'm too stingy to even buy proper nut milk bags when I make my own nut milk (seriously Vicky, they're like £7...), I just use a bog standard kitchen cloth to strain the milk through. It works fine but has the potential for pretty explosive mess... surely a proper nut milk maker would solve all my problems?    

5. Subscription to Bloom & Wild 
Monthly 12-month subscription from £185 at bloomandwild.com

Ever since I heard of this idea I have thought how lovely it would be to get fresh flowers delivered regularly. I love having them in the house, and they're scientifically proven to make you happier! Paying that little bit extra for someone else to select and send you whichever blooms are fresh, seasonal and beautiful right now to brighten up your home sounds ideal. Yes please. 

I also love the look of FlowerBx, as advertised on Stylist recently, but found it a bit tricky to understand how to do a monthly mixed order, without choosing each flower myself. That's the bit I want someone else to do!

6. Sweaty Betty lava print leggings  
£75 at sweatybetty.com

I just bought some gorgeous Reebok leggings in a bright pink and blue print (the Tree Tight here). I want to add to my collection and steer away from boring black, because great gym kit really gets you motivated doesn't it? Sweaty Betty is a total go-to for sports staples and I just love this design. 

7. New laptop
From £299 at pcworld.co.uk (other suppliers available!)

So another confession. I don't have a laptop. Well I do, but it's 10 years old and has got a broken screen and is sitting behind my sofa sulking, totally unusable. Instead I use my work laptop and iPad (thanks work :)) which means lugging the laptop to and from home when I want to do blogging or putting up with limited functionality, and storage, on the iPad. 

Please Father Christmas could I get a new one of my own? 

8. Oral-B Smart Series 4000 electric toothbrush
£59.97 at boots.com

Okay okay, this one is super boring. But my electric toothbrush is soooooo knackered. Like metal showing through the on-button / covered in crusty old tooth paste kind of knackered. I'd love a new one, but who wants to spend their own money on something so dull?! 

9. Beautiful crockery from Nom Living
From £12.50 per piece (and I want a lot of pieces...) at nomliving.com

Food blogging requires a lot of crockery to help spruce up your photos and make your recipes really stand out. The plates and bowls I have at home are ones that my Dad's had since the early 90s which were stored in a cardboard box in the garden shed until I moved in and dusted the cobwebs off them. Super retro. 

I raid the local charity shop regularly for little bits, but gorgeous pottery like the pieces in Nom is the stuff of dreams. I love the big serving bowls (currently I only have pyrex bowls, stylish I know...) or the little coco bowls they do. 

10. S'well 25oz water bottle
£45 at swellbottle.com, or UK suppliers such as ASOS.com

I spotted these beautiful S'well bottles on my Instagram and have coveted them ever since. On my desk at work I've had a plastic Glaceau Water bottle which I refill regularly, and I love that it's 850ml so you get a really decent amount every time you pop to the water fountain. But I've read that it's bad to keep doing this as the plastic can potentially leach nasty chemicals into your water.

So this is my water bottle of choice that I would love to grace my desk in the New Year. S'well bottles are made of non-leaching and non-toxic stainless steel and keep your drink cold for up to 24hrs. If you're getting a bottle it's got to be a stylish one hasn't it? 


What do you think to my list? Do you have any of these on your list, or some suggestions for things I should add? x