Macadamia and Coconut Balls


Lately I have become completely addicted to Bounce energy balls, and in particular the Macadamia and Coconut flavour. They've become my go-to snack in the afternoon and I'm always tripping out of the office on a lunch time to stock up in Holland & Barratt. 

So I thought I'd have a go at making my own. I checked the back of the pack and I picked out what I thought were the essentials for flavour and consistency and this was the result.

I'd love to know what you think. 

SERVES: 8 small balls
PREP TIME: 30 minutes
COOK TIME: 0 minutes


  • 100g macadamia nuts

  • 40g cashew nuts

  • 1 tbsp sesame seeds

  • 4 tbsp coconut flour

  • Dessicated coconut (+ extra for rolling)

  • 1 tbsp rice malt syrup

  • 1 tbsp coconut cream


1. Put the macadamia nuts and cashews in a food processor and blitz until they're a fine powder or paste, at at least until you have no big lumps left.

2. In a bowl, mix together the nuts, sesame seeds, two tablespoons of the flour and the dessicated coconut until well blended. 

3. Add the rice malt syrup and coconut cream and combine. You should get a paste which you eventually feel able to pick up and roll with your hands. If it's not the right consistency add more flour if it's too wet: this is why I started off with only 2tbsp to begin with, but don't be afraid to add more! I didn't find the balls tasted floury at all. If it's too dry, add more coconut cream. 

4. When you've got a big paste ball rolling in your hands, divide it into 8 equal pieces. Roll each into a ball. To decorate, I chose to roll half of mine in dessicated coconut. 

5. Eat and enjoy! I think these little guys will last a while in the fridge or even do well frozen and popped on top of desserts, but I couldn't tell you just yet because I ate all mine straight away :)