Top 10 food and nutrition podcasts

I've recently partnered up with the lovely people over at Asquith London to write a few pieces for their #AsquithWorld blog section. 

The first article I've written picked out 6 great nutrition podcasts that I love and get lots of inspiration and information from. 

But I wanted to go one step further for the readers of my blog and give you an even wider selection of the stuff I listen to.

Because while I listen to a lot of health and wellness podcasts, I also like a good smattering of foodie stuff, business and blogging and general inspiration too. So this list is a little bit more diverse and a teensy bit more food centric.

Here's my list. What's on yours? I'd love to know more suggestions, please share them in the comments! 


1. With Relish


Launched the same month as I moved to Ireland, With Relish is a Headstuff podcast series all about Ireland's culinary industry and identity. It couldn't have been perfect timing!

This bi-weekly podcast has introduced me to loads of great names in the world of Irish food, with interviews covering chefs, writers, baristas and producers.

Episode #3 was a natural highlight for me with Aoife McElwain looking at food fads, and Episode #8 included a fascinating insight into the first year at popular coffee shop Two Boys Brew. 

Have a listen to With Relish on Apple Podcasts. 


2. Women in Food Podcast

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 14.17.44.png

I stumbled across Ashanti Bentil-Dhue's Female Foodpreneur Collective (now Nourish With Ashanti) on Twitter after seeing an event that she organised with some great foodie speakers I admired in the online world. 

From there the natural progression was to dig into Ashanti's back-catalogue of podcast episodes with some incredibly inspiring people in the world of food. Mostly the guests are producers who share their story of how they came to make their products and the highs and lows of the journey along the way. 

Episode #34 with Alissa from Kino Vino, Episode #32 5 Things You Need To Know When Starting A Business and Episode #26 How To Turn Your Food Blog Into A Sizzling Brand with Lope Ariyo were three that have stood out for me. But honestly the more you listen the more you feel inspired to start your own food business! 

Have a listen to Women in Food on Apple Podcasts. 


3. Ben Coomber Radio 


If you're a gym bunny then Ben Coomber Radio is going to be right up your street. Ben is a nutritionist and Personal Trainer who now coaches others to become PTs through his programmes and speaking. 

Some of the topics for me aren't so relevant - I'm not counting macros carefully or doing crossfit. To be honest I'd never even heard of crossfit until I started listening to this podcast! 

But that said Ben's general healthy eating and wellness message, his amazing guests and his ability to really get to the heart of questions sent in to readers, or picking the brains and posing challenging questions to his guests make this a really addictive listen. Ben is a great interviewer and you'll learn something every time, guaranteed. 

Episodes that stand out for me are #279 'What happened to Clean Eating Alice?' and #269 Olympic Athlete to Fit Foodie with Derval O'Rourke. 

Have a listen to Ben Coomber Radio on Apple Podcasts. 


4. Eat, Move and Live Better from Precision Nutrition 


These don't come out that frequently but when they do I always love to have a listen. The content is all taken from American company Precision Nutrition, "home of the world's top nutrition coaches." 

Each podcast is delivered as an essay with simple, easy to apply steps you can bring into your own life to improve your health. With subjects like ‘The surprising truth about sugar’ and ‘Meal plans suck: 6 better ways to transform your diet’ you’ll find the topics really relevant and if you're anything like me you'll be nodding away in agreement! 

Have a listen to Eat, Move and Live Better on Apple Podcasts. 


5. One Part Podcast


Jessica Murnane is another example of someone who makes an excellent podcast host. I've listened to some podcasts where the interviewer has a fixed list of questions and doesn't seem to really engage with the guest and what they're saying. Nothing makes me switch off faster. 

Jessica is different; she really digs deep and isn't afraid to ask tough questions and get the full story from her guests.

She's also interviewed some controversial people, like her episode with Dr Steven Gundry of The Plant Paradox / Lectin diet fame. I was so impressed with the way Jessica handled the feedback from this podcast (which some complained had the potential to trigger eating disorders in those vulnerable), learnt lessons and responded directly to the criticism she received afterwards.

Favourite episodes for me include Episode #80 Eating Without Limitations with Lily Diamond and Episode #75 Every Body is a Yoga Body with Lauren Lipton.

Jessica also did a spin-off podcast called The Cook Book Deal, Also The Weirdest Year Of My Life in which she records the whole process of getting a cook book deal, from finding an agent, getting a publisher, writing and styling the book to promoting it for sale.  

Have a listen to One Part on Apple Podcasts. 


Part Two of this series is now live, take a look at my final 5 selections!