Autumn spiced elixir with Unbeelievable Health

This post has been written in collaboration with Unbeelievable Health, but all thoughts are my own.

Autumn is well and truly here! And the sniffles, aches and sore throats are starting to set in to accompany the colder weather. Are you feeling it? 

So I've teamed up this week with the lovely people from Unbeelievable Health who produce nutritional supplements backed by a team of nutritional scientists and formulation experts, who research and develop unique targeted combinations of natural-source ingredients. 

Unbeelievable Autumn Elixir | The Flourishing Pantry

When I talked to Sarah at Unbeelievable Health about this recipe we agreed it would be lovely to include pumpkin for a really autumnal feel.

But I started to wonder - how could I include pumpkin in an elixir recipe, which is traditionally a clear liquid? Anything I’ve made with pumpkin before has definitely had a more ‘soup’ like consistency! 

I bought a pumpkin anyway and started to carve, slicing into the top and removing the seeds. Last year I learnt how to make pumpkin seeds into tasty snacks, using these tips on BBC Good Food; simply boiling them for 10 minutes and then baking for 10-20 minutes with spices. I do mine with salt, pepper and smoked paprika and they're a total winner, I’d highly recommend trying them if you’re carving a pumpkin this October.  

As I got the seeds out of the pumpkin I was pulling away lots of stringy flesh from around them and discarding it. Then it occurred to me - why waste this flavoursome part of the veg? We all know I hate waste - you can read my rantings on the Health Bloggers Community Magazine in posts I've written including 6 tips to avoid food waste.  

So I've used this stringy but still delicious part of the pumpkin to create this recipe. It’s the part you might be otherwise chucking out, which makes me very happy! 

I’ve paired the pumpkin with lots of other lovely flavours which all combine with the power of the Unbeelievable supplements packed with their bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, acerola cherry and beta glucans, to give your system a boost.

This elixir tastes absolutely delicious, I'd love to know if you make a batch once you’ve carved your pumpkin and get curled up in front of the fire. I’m posting this on the day that Ireland’s been hit by Storm Ophelia: a hot, sweet and fortifying liquor is just what we need right now with power-outages and roofs being blown off!

PREP TIME: 15 minutes
COOK TIME: 20 minutes 



1. Open up your pumpkin with a knife and scoop out the seeds using a spoon. Surrounding the seeds will be lots of stringy, flavoursome flesh – this is what you want to use for this recipe. You can keep the seeds: boil and then bake them for a snack. And you can carve your pumpkin into a lantern or use the flesh for other recipes like soup or a pie. Nothing is wasted.

2. In a small saucepan add the water, honey, star anise, cinnamon stick, orange juice and the pumpkin flesh. Bring to a boil and then simmer over a low heat for 15-20mins, allowing the liquid to reduce a little.

3. Turn off the heat and allow the liquid to cool to a drinkable temperature. Pour the liquid into a jug through a sieve or strainer to remove the pumpkin flesh.

4. From the jug, serve your elixir into two mugs. Add the contents of your Unbeelievable Immune Boost capsules, stirring through to dissolve in the liquid. Enjoy: roaring fire, cosy blanket and a good book optional! 

Unbeelievable Autumn Elixir | The Flourishing Pantry
Autumn spiced elixir | The Flourishing Pantry
Autumn spiced Elixir with Unbeelievable | The Flourishing Pantry

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