HBCxMeet Dublin: join me in November

Before I launch into a massive excited babble about this let's hit you up with some facts if that's what you're looking for! 

HBCxMeet is coming to Dublin!

What is HBCxMeet?

HBCxMeet is the Health Bloggers Community's series of networking events: exciting opportunities for bloggers to make connections, discover interesting brands and sample new products.

When is it?

HBCxMeet is coming to Dublin on Saturday 18th November 2017. The event will run 1-3pm.

Where is it happening?

This first instalment of HBCxMeet Dublin is going to be hosted by Good To Go, the home of Counter Culture, at their gorgeous premises at 3 Mercer Street, Dublin 2. 

Who's going?

Brands exhibiting:

  •  Linwoods - From humble beginnings the Linwoods range of healthy seeds, nuts & berries has grown to include over 15 different premium blends and healthy seed snacks.
  • SoulBia - a business brought to you by love: a love of finding good food and a love of telling people about it. Soulbia's mission is to bring you the greatest Irish food in one easy, convenient way.
  • Nua Naturals - is a health food business situated at the cutting edge of the rapidly growing global trends of health and wellness such as 'Raw foods', 'Lactose Free' and 'Vegan'. NUA Naturals are lovers, suppliers and producers of organic health and superfoods across the globe.
  • GetMePaid.ie - Ireland's first dedicated invoicing and credit control service for freelancers. Ideal for bloggers looking to get paid!
  • Coco Fuzion 100 - is a sparkling drink made from tender young coconuts from Coconut Island on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. It tastes the way you wish coconut water tasted – light, refreshing, clean and slightly coconutty!

  • Blendi Smoothies - new brand launching in December! No prep. No mess. No waste. Blendi Smoothies was founded out of frustration with sugar added smoothies pretending to be healthy. Using freeze dried fruit and vegetables – 100% natural, same taste and nutritional value as using fresh and adding superfoods Blendi Smoothies was created.

  • White & Green - A family business from County Wicklow, the team behind White & Green have always lived an outdoors, organic lifestyle. Sharing a passion for a good night’s sleep but struggling to find top quality sheets that didn't come with sky high prices White & Green was created to give you the upmost in luxury, cotton bedding.

Nicola Halloran from The Wonky Spatula will be doing a Q&A about blogging and working with brands at 2pm. 

How much are the tickets?

Tickets cost just €15 and there are a few Early Birds available for €12.50.

Included in the price is a welcome drink and energy bite courtesy of hosts Good To Go, samples from the brands that are on display during the afternoon and an amazing goody bag to take home.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Tickets are available on EventBrite, click on the link below to head there now.

Remember to add yourself to the Facebook event to let your friends know you're coming and see which other bloggers and brands you'll be networking with! 

HBCxMeet Dublin Health Bloggers Community

A bit about why I'm launching HBCxMeet Dublin

As many of you will know I made the move from London to Dublin back in May 2017 (I talked about it more on this recipe for matcha lemon cheesecake).

I moved in order to live with my boyfriend and after ten years of living in London I felt it was time for a new home and challenge. A lot of my friends were moving further out of town and buying houses, getting married, having babies... you know the drill. 

Moving to Dublin has been so exciting and after two and half years doing a long distance relationship it's so wonderful for me and my boyfriend to see each other first thing in the morning and after a day at work and plan a normal week together, rather than cramming it all into a weekend and spending all our cash on flights.  

Moving to a new country has meant finding new friends. My boyfriend says I can share his but I like to find my own too! And as unconventional as it sounds the way I have done that, as well as introductions and connections through my old job, is through social media. 

I love the idea of surrounding myself with like-minded people. As the blog and my health journey have grown and become a bigger and more important part of my life, the people I have sought out to spend time with are people that support that journey and often have the same goals too. 

There's nothing wrong with my old friends of course! I wrote about them and their love and support in my blog post after the Health Blogger Awards last month. But when you're living in a new city and you want to head to an event tomorrow night or just go for a cocktail when your boyfriend is watching the football you need a few names in the phonebook, right?

Moving to a new city has also meant forging a new career for me. It's meant walking away from a full-time job with all the security that comes with that, and having a really good hard look at what I want to do and most importantly what I'm good at. 

HBCxMeet Dublin

When I was in London and we were all a bit younger and mortgage/husband/child-free, I used to organise get-togethers a lot. I used to host New Year's Eve parties most years, and during the summer I would plan a whole series of activities each week doing things like going to Buckingham Palace, going for brunch, checking out art and museum exhibitions. 

I realised in my friendship group I was the 'go-to' person for event organising. If we were going to have a get-together, it was usually me doing the planning. And in a way that's also a simplified way of looking at what I have always done in my professional life to-date too. 

I knew whatever it was that I ended up doing in this next decade of my life, it had to involve events in some way. They're my natural habitat. 

The Health Bloggers Community has been a big part of my growth and winning my award last month has been a huge confidence boost to keep creating and connecting. Talking with Fab about extending HBCxMeet, which I always loved attending in London, and bringing it to Dublin felt like a total natural next step for me. 

So this event is a big wave and hello to you if you're reading this. It's an invitation to come along to the first in hopefully a whole series of events that I am going to lovingly create to bring us all together and share what we're passionate about. 

This post and this event is to tell all who read my blog that this is what I love doing and this is what I want to be doing more of: 

Bringing people together and giving us all a big, supportive, like-minded community to be part of. 


So please, join us!

Look forward so much to seeing you all there. 

HBC-SUMMIT-AJ-087 copy.jpg
Guest speaker Nicola Halloran from  The Wonky Spatula

Guest speaker Nicola Halloran from The Wonky Spatula