Breakfast stuffed sweet potatoes

This is another one of those dishes that I've been meaning to try for ages but haven't got around to, and when I did I wish I'd done it sooner! 

We've probably all heard now about the trend for sweet potato toast which I am pleased to say I've never tried. I'm sort of hoping that's going to die as a trend for 2017 and become sooooooo last season... nothing wrong with real toast in my book. 

 So instead of turning it into toast, this recipe is embracing the sweet potato for all its filling potential. Stuffed sweet potatoes are an obvious savoury dish for an easy lunch for dinner and definitely not something you might naturally think of for breakfast, but it works.

This is a great winter warmer and a nice one for a weekend when you've got a bit more time on your hands because the potatoes whole will take a little while to cook. 

The fillings really are up to you. I went sweet with banana, blueberries, almond butter and chia seeds. But the possibilities are endless! I saw one gorgeous seasonal variation on Pinterest made with apple cooked with cinnamon which would be a lovely winter-y alternative. 

Stuffed breakfast sweet potatoes | The Flourishing Pantry

PREP TIME: 5 minutes
COOK TIME: 40 minutes (dependent on your potato size) 


  • 1 medium sized sweet potato

  • Fillings of choice! I went with:

    • Almond butter

    • Banana, sliced

    • Blueberries

    • ChiaBia chia seeds

    • Wyldsson seed mix

    • Maple syrup


1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C. 

2. Pierce the skin of the sweet potato in 8-10 places by inserting a sharp knife. Place the sweet potato on a baking tray and put in the oven to bake for 30-40 minutes, depends on the size of your potato. 

3. Use a knife to check the potato is cooked through, the flesh should be soft the whole way through. If not pop back in the oven for a bit longer. 

4. When ready, remove the potato from the oven and slice in half (carefully so you don't burn your fingers!). Stuff with fillings of choice.    

5. Serve and enjoy! 

Baked breakfast stuffed sweet potatoes | The Flourishing Pantry
Stuffed breakfast sweet potato | The Flourishing Pantry

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