Valentine's Day gift ideas for the healthy foodie in your life

Valentine's gifts for healthy foodie | The Flourishing Pantry | yeast free diet blog

Whatever your personal opinion on Valentine's Day (great romantic potential vs. load of old marketing sh*te) it's that time of the year again!

I love a good wish list and this year I've put together my top 10 gifts ideal for the foodie in your life. Championing whole food and home cooking, these items are ones that will prove you know your health loving Valentine. And they're much better for them (and you!) than a box of Milk Tray.  

Let's bring on the #giftinspo: 

1. Automatic milk frother
£14.99 from SimpleTaste 

January has been filled on my social media feeds with delicious hot drinks and the ones that have stood out are recipes like Rude Health's turmeric latte. But how to achieve that frothy finish? A little aerolatte electric whisk! This one from SimpleTaste is reasonably priced, well rated and comes with its own stand. 

2. Veg box subscription 
From £33 a month from Lee Greens Veg

I'm living a bit of a nomadic lifestyle at the moment, zipping to and from London and Dublin and travelling for work. But if (or I should say when!) I get back to more of a routine I am fantasizing about being able to sign up again for a veg box subscription. 

These boxes, like the fantastic ones from Lee Greens in south east London, are packed with local grown produce and introduce you to a range of fruit and veg that perhaps you'd never dare to pick up or try yourself. I think it's the perfect way to get creative in the kitchen and make more plant based meals every week. 

3. Thrive magazine
$54 (USD) for 1 year international subscription (quarterly magazine

So many of my favourite foodie heroes like gkstories, Shabnam the Hungry Warrior and Nisha Rainbow Plant Life have been featured in the amazing U.S. Thrive magazine with their plant based recipes. 

I love the idea of a quarterly mag to look forward to, overflowing with recipes and veggie/vegan ideas as well as the latest in health and well-being, culture and lifestyle. All from the brain box inspiration that is Maranda Pleasant

4. Wooden chopping boards 
From £38 by Hannah Dowding Furniture

I am always looking for more crockery and accessories for my photos for the blog and Instagram and fantastic chunky wooden chopping boards always look gorgeous. These ones are from Hannah Dowding who can often be found at Greenwich Market in London, not far from where I live and can be made from elm, sycamore or maple. 

5. FittyLDN Box
From £29 a month by FittyLDN

Last year I was lucky enough to win a FittyLDN box in a competition run by the Health Bloggers Community. The fantastic range of snacks and treats in the box introduced me to some brilliant brands like Nutristrength for fantastic vegan protein powders, MightyBee coconut jerky (GAME CHANGER PEOPLE! You need to try it!) and Rhythm 108 tasty snack bars. A monthly supply for more food eye openers would be most welcome for a healthy food lover. 

6. Mandoline food slicer
£24.97 by Chef's Inspiration 

My kitchen is woefully under supplied with gadgets and I haven't had one of these in my possession for years. But my boyfriend bought one a few weeks ago and I'd forgotten what a fantastic piece of kit they are. Ideal for thinly slicing and identical julienne-ing for those perfectionists among the Valentines. Just watch those fingers people! 

7. Natural shower gel
£12.50 by The Green People

I recently listened to a fantastic episode of Jessica Murnane's One Part Podcast which featured tips from Jolene Hart and her Eat Pretty book series. One of Jolene's suggestions for moving towards natural beauty was to change a single product in your kit, targeting something you put on the biggest area of skin.

Shower gel seemed the obvious starting point for me, and this Daily Aloe Shower Gel from the Green People is made with no SLS/SLES, parabens, colourants or artificial fragrances. Or other big scary words that we probably wouldn't put on our skin if we really knew what they were all about, Jolene suggests they could affect your hormone balance.  

8. No Mess Waffle Maker
£99.95 by Sage by Heston Blumenthal

There are so many delicious looking waffle recipes around at the moment, particularly gluten and sugar free versions that are veggie or even vegan like these ones from the Minimalist Baker. I'd love to get a bit of waffle action going in my kitchen and on my Insta. And surely if you buy this it's a guaranteed breakfast-in-bed for a few weekends for you, right? 

9. Indy Power's Little Green Spoon recipe book
£14.99 from Waterstones

I was flicking through Stylist magazine the other week and a recipe for cajun salmon burgers caught my eye (I made them - have a look here!). As I was busy taking pictures of the ingredients so I could replicate it at home, I spotted the recipe was by Indy Power and her latest book based on her blog The Little Green Spoon

As someone that spends an increasing amount of time now in Ireland it's fantastic to follow more healthy foodies emerging from the emerald isle and becoming a huge success through their recipes, especially thanks to social media. Indy aims to transform how we view healthy food with easy recipes clearly labelled to indicate the best for dairy free, gluten free, paleo, veggie or vegan diets, I'd love to add her book to my collection. 

10. Gin glass 
£10 by Dartington Crystal 

If I'm going to have a drink I'll usually have a gin. I personally find distilled drinks like gin and vodka are much better for my gut than fermented drinks like beer, wine and cider (read more on this here). I'd love a really good big gin glass, like those ones you get in Spain - where they seem to forget to even add the tonic... :) I'm a bit in love with these gorgeous patterned glasses from Silent Pool Distillers too. 


What's on your wish-list? Any other tips and #giftinspo ideas for healthy foodies you could share? 

PS. I've also created a Pinterest board with healthy whole food Valentine's Day recipe inspiration. Go check it out!