Tried and tested: Yeast Free Bread PART 2

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So a quick re-cap for anyone who didn't see my last Tried & Tested post (and if that's you click here to see the first three yeast free breads I tested):

Over the next four weeks I will be testing ten shop-bought breads that are yeast free. I went for those that resembled a traditional 'loaf' - so no wraps, pittas or rolls.

They all have strengths and weaknesses - look, taste, texture, can I make a sandwich with it, and the ultimate test - will boys eat it?! I will be using my boyfriend as a guinea pig and trust me, he's fussy. 

In the running this week, after last week's buckwheat disasters, I am delighted to say there's not a crumb of buckwheat in sight. We have another Biona bread, but this week it's going head-to-head with breads from Everfresh and Profusion. And there is a link between our contenders: all breads are made with rye and as such are not gluten free.

Yeast free bread, I have discovered, is pretty rare. You're lucky I found 10, people! If you're combining that with gluten free as well, it leaves you with a seriously limited offering.

Of the 10 yeast free breads I'm testing only four are also gluten free. And the bad news for me and my dislike of buckwheat, two of those are buckwheat based. It's no wonder you end up baking your own, there's definitely a niche here for someone baking savvy. 

But ANYWAY! Let's get down to reviewing the three breads we have on offer this week. Starting with.....

4. Everfresh Sprouted Rye Bread

Everfresh Sprouted Rye Bread tried and tested | The Flourishing Pantry | yeast free diet blog

I've tried an Everfresh bread before (their sprouted wheat bread) and they really are very clever. Why? Because this one, and several of the others from their range, only contain one ingredient. Considering all the additives and preservatives that get pumped into most shop-bought bread these days, I am in absolute awe. 

So this bread is 100% sprouted rye. Genius. It's squidgy, soft and has a subtle sweetness to it that makes it perfect for nut butter or chia jam - despite having no added sweetener. 

I love how much it resembles normal yeasty bread, even down to my lack of ability to slice it straight despite its tiny size. It's definitely one I want to go back to for another slice, even though with its density its pretty filling. 

I struggled to find this bread available in the Republic of Ireland, though Nourish stores do sell Everfresh sprouted wheat and spelt breads which are very similar if you are happy to eat wheat. 

Verdict: 7/10 Moist and squidy, perfect for toasting and very more-ish. But a bit small for the perfect sandwich!
Thoughts from the boy: Not bad, better with the nut butter... still a bit cardboard-y though. 

5. Profusion Super Oat Bread

Profusion Oat Bread | The Flourishing Pantry | yeast free diet blog

Profusion is a new brand to me which I discovered hunting out yeast free breads for this challenge. Their products are very similar to what Biona are doing, but with a limited range which seems to only be two at the moment: this Super Oat Bread, and a Protein Bread made with flax and rye. 

Upon removing from the packaging this bread had all the hall-marks of a health product that's not going win me over. Without toasting the slices are dense and have that whiff of rye that isn't instantly appetizing.

But what a makeover it gets with toasting! The range of different ingredients mean that a good go under the grill and a slather with almond butter gives these thin slices a great wholegrain bread feel. It's still a little too chewy rather than soft for my liking, but definitely the best so far of this sort of mixed grain bread. 

Verdict: 5/10 A bit chewy still but all the better for the range of ingredients that give it a good texture after toasting
Thoughts from the boy: Better! More like normal bread. Toasts well. 

6. Biona Rye Bread with Amaranth / Quinoa  

Biona Rye Bread | The Flourishing Pantry | yeast free diet blog

Biona are back in the race again this week. This bread is similar to the pumpernickel, because of its rye base. But it's much lighter in colour and texture and much more crumbly and reminiscent of a traditional brown sliced loaf. 

That being said I did open the packet and say out loud "wow... that's a weird smell." A bit like I did with the buckwheat bread last week but this time the smell was... well, sort of like a museum. Can you imagine that smell?! Like an old, musty museum, or the back of your grandparents wardrobe. Perhaps it's the amaranth which I've never tried before but is a gluten free wholegrain

The bread was definitely in date, so that wasn't the problem I promise! And the smell subsided with toasting and really did have a good crumb, as they'd say in the Great British Bake Off. I'd say even better than the Profusion bread above. 

Verdict: 6/10 Getting more like a real loaf texture, just don't be put off by the smell when you open it! 
Thoughts from the boy: Hmm.... I'm torn between this and bread 2 [Biona Rye]; I can imagine making a sandwich out of this one. It tastes more like normal bread. 


PART 3 is now LIVE! Check out the next three breads on the journey to find the perfect yeast free bread. Or if you just can't wait skip to THE FINAL for the verdict.