10 stunning foodie boards on Pinterest: who to follow for the best inspiration

So after all the amazing reaction to last week's blog post, I'm sticking with a 'safe' blog this week searching for inspiration for great healthy eating! 

I've been getting into Pinterest recently, thanks to the brilliant advice of two blogging wonder-women: Sarah Akwisombe of the awesome No Bull Blog School, and Jen Stanbrook of Love Chic Living aka Pinterest Queen

Through these two ladies I have been building up my Pinterest into a veritable encyclopedia of all the things I love and and feel inspired by on The Flourishing Pantry.  

You can check out my Pinterest account here. 

Now there's a lot of rubbish on Pinterest, don't get me wrong. But I have also discovered that some people are pinning seriously amazing content. Consistent, beautiful, easy to make and informative stuff to completely shake up your kitchen and cooking ambitions.

It's led me to so many brilliant new blogs and sources of ideas for recipes I wanted to share with you my best discoveries. I hope you follow them too and feel just as inspired as me!

1. Best of Rebel Recipes

You know those accounts you discovered when you first registered on Instagram, and that are still inspiring you years later? Niki from Rebel Recipes is definitely one of those for me. 

This board features all of her most popular recipes and you can totally see why they're favourites: pizza topped with cashew cheese and fresh figs, a chocolate, almond and chestnut brownie cake that looks like heaven on a plate and my personal choice, this salted pecan caramel pie that I've now made countless times for friends and family. 

Photo by Niki at  Rebel Recipes  

Photo by Niki at Rebel Recipes 

2. Health Bloggers Community 

This is a board with over 50 collaborators (including me now!) that are part of the Health Bloggers Community, all sharing their latest content.

I love it as a place for inspiration and to see what my fellow food bloggers are whipping up in the kitchen. Favourite posts come from people like Healthy Living James, Pamela Higgins of SpamellaB and Missy Campbell at Taste of Simple

This pic is the perfect example: SpamellaB's savoury porridge she made for Linwoods. I need to try this so badly.... *pins to her breakfast board* 

3. Chia Recipes by Health Warrior

Confused about what to do with chia? Or just got loads of it and bored with the same old chia pudding you've been making? I recently bought a second enormous bag by mistake (a costly mistake at that!) and needed some inspiration: this is the place to turn. 

Muffins, parfaits, jams, cookies, breads and smoothies - all there and based on chia seeds. Chia Coconut Pudding Pops anyone?


4. Meat, Fish and Tofu Recipes by Clotilde Dusoulier

I'm aware that many of the boards on this list are vegetarian or vegan exclusively. And whilst I am definitely pro-plant based and trying to cram more fruit and veg into my diet on a daily basis (read about my experience of going vegan for a week here), I do still eat fish and meat.

So I wanted to include this board too from the wonderful Clotilde who is the name behind Chocolate & Zucchini. She has a massive following of over 16,000 people on Pinterest and her post about ingredient conversions is a saved web page of mine in my phone. It's so helpful for converting American 'cups' into grams and ml for all different kinds of ingredients. Save it now, you'll thank me (and Clotilde!). 

This Cuban Mojo Marinated Pork is a great example of a dish from this board, made with lemon and orange juice as well as cumin, oregano and mint. Amazing flavours. 

Photo from  The Food Charlatan

5. Health & Wellbeing from Stylist Magazine

I love Stylist magazine which you can pick up here in the UK for free every week. I often find recipes in the back that I make, like these salmon burgers by Indy Power. This board is a great selection of some of their articles as well as other inspiration they find around the web. This pin is Chilaquiles from Mexico taken from their article on comfort food from around the world. Strangely the hangover recipe spoke to me.... *pins it* 

Photo from  Stylist Magazine

Photo from Stylist Magazine

6. The Little Plantation Recipes

Kimberly of The Little Plantation is THE queen of food styling and recently revealed on her blog that she was asked to do the food styling for Madeleine Shaw's forthcoming book. Wowzers! 

This Pinterest board is full of Kimberley's latest recipes from her blog, and she's often doing fabulous give-aways so definitely one to follow. This pin is her green vegan paleo kale smoothie that first lured me in. Look at that decoration! 

Green vegan paleo kale smoothie from  The Little Plantation

Green vegan paleo kale smoothie from The Little Plantation

7. Gluten free recipes by Blossom to Stem

I discovered Mary at Blossom to Stem through Pinterest and she has loads of gorgeous boards, championing her "approachable sophisticated seasonal cooking, drinks, and fancy-pants pastry projects." Brilliant description. 

I picked out this Gluten Free board as there's a real range of treats in there, including this Spicy Summer Bean and Chickpea Salad from Mary's own website with amazing seed flavour combinations of cumin and caraway. 

Photo from  blossomtostem.net

8. PLANT BASED by Harriet Emily

This board has over 8,000 pins in it, so you're not going to be short of inspiration! Harriet Emily has collated together some absolutely stunning photos of plant based recipes from across the web including many of my favourite food bloggers already mentioned here. 

This pin of Raw Pistachio, Coconut & Lime Cheesecakes from Life of Goodness is the perfect example and is vegan and gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. 

Photo from  Life of Goodness

Photo from Life of Goodness

9. Easy Vegan Dinners by Lauren Caris

"Easy dinner recipes" must be one of the most popular searches on Pinterest and if you're looking for a Meat Free Monday idea or aiming for more plant based inspiration then this board is a great place to start. There's soups, breads, pizzas, curries and salads to cater for all. 

This Vegan Gnocchi with Arugula Pesto from Lauren's own website is stunning and something I want to try. Has anyone else made their own gnocchi before? 

Photo from  Lauren Caris Cooks

10. #HealthyBreakfastParty

Another fab collaboration board which I happen to be part of, together with brilliant health food bloggers like board owner Rachel of Healthy & Psyched, Laura of Life by Laura and Naomi Noms by Naomi.

All recipes are veggie or vegan and there's a great selection in there of smoothies, waffles, toasts, breakfast bars and porridge. When breakfast is so essential, why not make it a party?! 

This photo is from Life by Laura who has a legendary Instagram feed full of her beautiful breakfast bowls. I was so confused so see this one captioned "broccoli" but when I clicked through to her blog all was revealed... 

Photo from  Life by Laura

Photo from Life by Laura


So what do you make of my ten boards? Are you following some of these already? Or maybe you have some recommendations for me? I'm always looking for more inspiration, I'd love to hear your favourites!