Tried & Tested: Fruit free snack bars PART 2

Firstly if you've landed here - go back! There's three bars reviewed in Part 1 here, so start from the top. 

And once you're up to speed, let's get going again. Because we have another three snack bars to review, all which are dried fruit free. Are they still sweet, filling and delicious? Let's find out... 


4. Square Organics Chocolate Coated Almond Spice

Square Organics review | The Flourishing Pantry

Now this is the kind of snack bar I could eat all day.

Super soft but not weirdly crumbly or collapsing like some other gluten free and fruit free bars, this snack reminded me of something... something a bit Christmassy with all that almond and spice.... It took me a while but then I remembered: Lebkuchen! You know that delicious soft German ginger biscuit you get in December, with a hard sugary outside? THAT is what these babies taste like. 

The only problem with this one is the price point, which at £2.60 each is a bit higher than most of the bars I've been testing, many of which come in under £1. However you can bulk buy a box from iHerb in both the UK and Ireland, bringing the price down to £1.75 each or €2 in Ireland. And when they're this tasty? I can totally see myself investing. 

Verdict: 9/10 A delicious snack bar that reminds me of Christmas, has my favourite been toppled?

5. Trek Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjack

Trek flapjack review | The Flourishing Pantry

Opening the packet for this bar there's absolutely no doubting it's coconut credentials - the smell was really strong. The boyfriend would have run a mile, he hates coconut! 

This Trek bar is very similar to the 9 bar reviewed last week - with an oaty base sweetened with raw cane sugar, and a slick of vegan chocolate on top.

Another main ingredient is soya protein and soya flour, a product which often gets a bad rap (soya and soy are basically the same thing by the way, totally had to Google that). But reading nutritionist Laura Thomas PhD's article for Huffington Post should put your mind at ease on that. I was also fascinated reading Giulia Enders book Gut recently to discover that soy has bigger health benefits for people in Asia who have developed better gut bacteria for breaking it down and extracting the nutrients. Anyway... I digress! 

Verdict: 7/10 A solid snack bar that's ticking a lot of boxes. Just not blowing my mind... 


6. Meridian Almond Bar

Meridian Almond Bar review | The Flourishing Pantry

This was a delicious firm snack bar with that gorgeous almond flavour gives that little hint of marzipan which is a total love for me. You might have noticed that I haven't gone with any peanut bars... and you'd be right to think that's a conscious decision. I really don't like peanuts (don't hate on me!) but bring me any other nuts or nut butter and I'm a happy bunny. 

When I was checking the ingredients I did notice that whilst not made with dried fruit this bar does contain fruit juice - apple, pear and grape. And also the dreaded agave syrup that we talked about last week in the Bounce snack balls. 

It's a tasty bar still, and if you're not wanting chocolate, which many of these bars have, this is a great choice. 

Verdict: 6/10 Good solid bar from this power house of nut butters, with sweetness from fruit juice. 



So what do you make of this latest batch? Have I missed any of your favourites? There are three more to come next week and the verdict on the best fruit-free snack bar. What gets your vote?

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