Tried & Tested: Fruit free snack bars PART 3

Back again for PART 3! Hope you've managed to catch PART 1 and PART 2 first though, if not make sure you go back.

And for our final installment we've got four fruit free snack bars to see if we can find anything greater than what we've discovered already. It's been a tough competition with every bar so far scoring 6/10 or over, will the rest of the entries all scrub up?

Let's get stuck in and find out... 

7. NatureCrops Quinoa, chocolate and almond bar

NatureCrops quinoa bar review | The Flourishing Pantry

This was the kind of chocolatey bar that made me go "mmmmm" out loud when I opened the packet, definitely a good sign. The dark chocolate was absolutely delicious and what I thought from the looks of it would be a brittle crunchy bar was actually lovely and chewy. 

I completely agree with Lucy Moore at Female First on this one. Whilst at first you might be concerned that quinoa won't work in a sweet bar (I've really REALLY tried to love quinoa porridge but it's just too savoury for me), the puffed version completely lends itself to a snack bar and this vegan combo is a winner. 

It's sweetened with a range of organic sugars: rice syrup, coconut sugar and cane sugar. 

Verdict: 8/10 Delicious dark chocolate and perfect blend of chewy and crunchy


8. RawSage Original

Raw Sage bar review | The Flourishing Pantry

WILD CARD! If you don't want your snack bar filled with fruit, what could it be made with instead? Vegetables of course! Oh but wait hold on... tomatoes are fruit right? Damn... well let's review it anyway. 

So here we've got a savoury snack bar which sort of goes against all your brain's instincts as you put it in your mouth but of course is basically just the same as snacking on a piece of toast or carrots and hummus. 

Gonna be honest, out of the packet it doesn't look so appetizing... a sort of dried red sausage-y poo shape. Sorry I am being graphic! It reminded me of coconut jerky which actually I really enjoy and this had some real punch too with a spicy hit. 

Verdict: 6/10 Tasty and full of punch, curious how many others would want to go for a savoury snack bar though... 


9. Fulfil Cookies & Cream Vitamin and Protein Bar

Fulfil Cookies & Cream | The Flourishing Pantry

Considering my boyfriend looked at me eating this and said "that can't be a healthy snack" I think we're onto a winner here... 

This was a really gorgeous version essentially of an Oreo - crumbly chocolate biscuit with a chewy cream filling. 

The thing I can't get my head around at all is the fact that the sugar content of this bar is just 3.4%. I am seriously bad at maths and had to go back and look over all the other bars I had reviewed to check that I wasn't suddenly doing the calculation wrong. The others I've reviewed are all 17.5% or more sugar (the Raw Sage savoury bar is 35% thanks to the tomatoes!) - how is it humanly possible this is just 3.4%?! It still tastes so delicious and sweet, I'm seriously impressed. 

Verdict: 8/10 An unbelievably low sugar content for a really scrummy Oreo-style snack bar.


10. Pulsin Maple & Whey Crisp

Pulsin Maple and Whey review | The Flourishing Pantry

Pulsin bars are everywhere on my social media right now with their beautiful new branding. So I thought I'd throw in one of their bars to the mix to get me up to the magic number 10! 

Several of the bars from their range do contain fruit (remember I'm reviewing fruit-free bars) and this one does have a little bit of grape juice. But the base for this maple & whey bar is peanuts and brown rice malt so we're going with it. 

I demolished this after a Spin class and it was seriously yum. With great little crunchy bits of peanut and "whey protein crisps" (whatever they are) it was really tasty and dense. They're a lovely dinky size too so it was perfect to pop in a pocket for on the go. 

Verdict: 8/10 Dense and tasty, I wasn't even offended by the peanuts - result! 

The final verdict 

So with all ten bars reviewed we need to make a decision... which is the best? 

Best fruit free snack bar | The Flourishing Pantry

In my humble opinion the perfect bar is Square Organics amazing Almond Spice bar.

This tasty snack brings together all the best things we've been looking at - it's organic (obvs), gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegans so ideal for many diets.

It's got a healthy dose of protein (if that's what you're looking for in a snack) and whilst it's not as low as 3% sugar content like the Fulfil bar (which definitely comes a close second) it's not the highest either of the ones I tested: a Double Decker chocolate bar is 53.5% sugar in comparison. 


So there we have it! What do you reckon? Have you tried any of these? Or do you have other recommendations for me that I haven't tried?  

Next Tried & Tested coming in August and I'm thinking.... ice-cream and sorbets!