10 foodie Instagrammers you need to follow NOW!

I spend a lot of time on Instagram. Ask my boyfriend - I heard him claim the other day sometimes it's so hard to get hold of me that it's easier to see how my day is going from Instagram Stories than to get a text back from me! Ouch....

Anyway, as a result I spot lots of lovely accounts with stunning food and photography on an almost daily basis. And you want to know the crazy thing? Sometimes these accounts have really, really small followings. 

Now we all know the messages going around in recent months about the algorithm changes and how much harder it is to get found and seen on Instagram without paying to get your posts higher in people's feeds, so I'm not going into all that. 

Instead rather than moaning about Instagram (because actually I do really love it, and let's be honest, social media is constantly evolving and changing and being monetised one way or another) I want to celebrate 10 amazing accounts with less than 10k followers that are total hidden gems.

They've not bought followers and aren't doing loads of ads. They're just growing slowly, organically and my goodness is their food stunning. 

See what you reckon to my choices. And I would love love love to know other accounts like these with under 10k followers that I need to have in my life. Healthy food and stunning photos a must. 

Disclaimer: I'm posting this in July 2017. I have absolutely no doubt that these people will soon have much bigger followings!

1. @woderpfefferwaechst_julia

Followers at July 2017: 1,398 

Quite how this girl isn't already massive I can't understand.

Julia's beautiful understated little descriptions of her photos and her family life really capture you and make you warm to her. This photo of a deliciously heaped pizza shows all her skill for fresh food and industrial backgrounds paired with softer fabrics. 


2. @TheVeggieMaiden 

Followers at July 2017: 2,820 

Sandra Lim's Veggie Maiden account makes me want to be so much better at photography. Not only does she capture food beautifully but also other little moments and things she sees around her. She's not posting every day, but when she does it's worth checking out. This photo of onigiri is a popular one from the last couple of months. 


3. @Cavistons

Followers at July 2017: 1,485

Of course I had to throw in a few Irish accounts to this list, now that I'm resident on the Emerald Isle! 

But actually Caviston's account is one I was following before I moved and their photography gets me time and time again. I really must visit the restaurant after all this inspiration, particularly their seafood images that just have me drooling! This photo of spicy crab courgette flowers makes me want to get straight to the kitchen to try. 


4. @LearnFoodLove

Followers at July 2017: 1,649

If you love fruit, chia parfaits and stunningly decorated smoothie bowls then Noora's account is where you need to head. This photo is one of her beautiful spreads and a perfect example of why I put a melon baller on my Summer Wish List last week!

5. @SweetCafeInternational

Followers at July 2017: 1,922

I can't remember who introduced my to Tamara's beautiful account but I am so glad they did. I took part in her #sweetplantbased party back in January with my green banana flour pancakes and have stayed hooked to her account ever since. Tamara launched her website a few months ago too, well worth checking out. Her recipes are already featuring in Thrive magazine so watch out world!

This photo is such a wonderful celebration of summer, don't you think? 

6. @Cookingforpeanuts

Followers at July 2017: 4,594

Nisha is everything I love about Instagram. I feel like she came out of nowhere and instantly became a favourite on my feed, not only with her photos but taking the time to pop in to see my account too and share recipes and tips. 

We were talking homemade Nutella the other day so I've chosen this gorgeous shot as my featured photo for her, makes you hungry doesn't it?! 


7. @Meghnas_

Followers at July 2017: 2,073

Another friend in the world of Instagram, Meghna lives in Hong Kong and recently started studying to be a nutrition consultant. She is not exaggerating when she says 'rainbow food' in her description - honestly some of the most colourful but natural food photo shots you'll find online. 

Meghna runs an amazing Insta party under the hashtag #savourybfchallenge - celebrating savoury breakfasts from around the world. Highly recommended, we all know I love a savoury start to the day! 

8. @ForTheLoveOfBowls

Followers at July 2017: 1,189

Johanna only joined Instagram in March (or this account anyway) but boy does she make an impact with her bowls! They are always stuffed full of delicious ingredients and so cleverly and creatively decorated with flowers, seeds, lines and swirls. 

This bowl is classic Johanna - lines, flowers, fruit and stunning colour. 

9. @Jenniferocooks

Followers at July 2017: 2,078

Since moving to Ireland less than three months ago I don't think I could have felt more welcomed by the Irish foodie and blogging community. There are so many beautiful accounts and really friendly people behind them. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the Irish are friendly, although many people sharing and blogging here are also immigrants like me!

Jennifer Oppermann is a food stylist and photographer and I've been so inspired by her pictures and recipes. This pesto with a twist got me hopping straight onto her website!

10. @Loveeatsmile

Followers at July 2017: 4,793

Jana has such a brilliant and varied account which is something I really admire on Instagram. I don't only eat smoothie bowls so I love to see other food and Jana shoots her delicious vegan food so well - like pizzas, chickpea wraps, avo on toast, lasagna and pancakes. I recreated her chia jam heart toast once, such a cute idea!

This photo features one of her beautiful spoons which pops up a lot, I really need to get a better collection of cutlery... 

What do you think? Who am I missing? Share your Instagram accounts with me too below so I can take a look - I love discovering more.