Summer Wish List

It feels like an age since I did a wish list and I've been pushing this one back in the schedule as I've had so many other blog ideas to share with you all. But with the summer well and truly here (well.... sometimes here, sometimes hiding behind the rain and clouds!) it's time to get this list together. 

These are ten things I've been coveting lately that I think are perfect for the summer, get those purses out! 

Summer Wish List 2017 | The Flourishing Pantry | healthy eating blog

1. Le Flore set for four wine glasses
£30 from Oliver Bonas

I've finally finished working in London and have made the move completely to Dublin. One thing I will really miss about the office is the lovely walk up the high street for a browse around Oliver Bonas. Ireland doesn't have Oliver Bonas, can you believe it?! Please can someone rectify this...?!

Last time I was there I spied these gorgeous glasses which are just perfect for sipping a refreshing drink on a hot evening. I'm going to be stirring up some tasty cocktails on the blog in a few weeks time - imagine how beautiful they'd look in these babies!

2. Lips dress
£681 from Victoria Beckham

Okay so this is total fantasy but ever since I saw a photo of VB in this dress looking all casual and summery I have completely coveted it.

Surely someone's doing a replica?! Otherwise I have a serious amount of pennies to save.... 

3. Rectangle flan tin
£9.99 from Lakeland

The incredibly talented Joanna at The Balanced Kitchen on Instagram has been inspiring me lately with her tasty tarts in this long rectangular tin. The photo here she's kindly allowed me to use is a strawberry and yoghurt tart in an oat and almond crust. She's also done a stunning vegan quiche with red onion, tomato and tenderstem broccoli. 

Once you've checked them out you'll see why I'm after the tin to try and replicate them. Flan? Quiche? Who cares what you call it when they look this gorgeous! 

Summer Wish List | The Flourishing Pantry

4. Classic ice-cream bar moulds
€10.90 from SilikoMart

I've already got a trusty ice-lolly mould but I've now got my heart set on the next step up: ice-cream bar moulds. I'll definitely need to be watching a few YouTube tutorials I'm sure to get it right (SilikoMart do have some on their website) but I reckon this could be great to up my ice-lolly game. 

5. Melon baller
£6.36 from OXO Good Grips

So anybody trying to get to the next level in smoothie bowl decoration will know that the melon baller is where it's at. Not just for melon, this can be used on dragon-fruit and even cucumber to adorn your bowl, salad or even drink! 

6. Vertical planter
£9.95 from Burgon and Ball 

Moving out of London means moving away from my little garden which was packed with fresh herbs. Me and the boyfriend are keen to still have fresh herbs if we can and are attempting to grow some on the balcony.

I'm not the most green fingered of gardeners so I don't know how long they'll last in the tiny tray they're in right now. However this clever Verti Planter looks like an ingenious way to get some more growing in a small space. 

Summer Wish List | The Flourishing Pantry

7. Mango pitter and slicer
£6.95 from KitchenCraft

I'm always ogling at fruit platters beautifully presented on social media and wondering how on earth people get their mangoes so well turned out. There's me hacking away to get slices off the stone when all along I should have bought one of these little gadgets! 

Once you've freed the flesh from the stone in one go you can slice your mango into diamonds and feel smug when you stun your friends and family with it. Well, that's how it goes in my head anyway.... 

8. Home yoga lesson 
From £70 for 45 minutes from Yogi2Me

I'm heading off to a festival this August, that's the ultimate summer time activity isn't it!?

But this isn't just another music festival, it's Soul Circus - a yoga and wellness festival in the Cotswolds. So none of that cider and hot dog eaten whilst jamming in to a mosh-pit malarky. This is going to be spa time, sipping on juices and eating locally sourced food at supper clubs. How civilised! 

But.... at the moment I am not a yoga bunny at all. I'm going to be doing a series over on my social media in the next few weeks as I gear up to make the most of the festival and try to get my head around what being a yogi is.

A lesson with a personal instructor from Yogi2Me would fit the bill perfectly and get me started. Billed by the Evening Standard as "the Uber for yoga" the app allows you to book an instructor to come to your home or office and give you an individual lesson. 

9. Basil Junip
€17.50 from Junip

Junip kindly sent me one of their infusers to try a few months back. With no added sugar and only natural and organic ingredients they're a delicious way to flavour your favourite drinks, or just water if you need it pepping up. 

I was sent peach but I am so inspired by some of their more interesting flavours. Wild Berries, Cassis, Rosemary and Basil are right up there and I think could make some incredible cocktails. 

I've got the glasses, I've got the infuser... you see where this is heading!

10. Serving bowl
€89 from Karo Ceramics

One of the joys of moving to a new country is discovering new brands and creatives, doing amazing things on their home turf. Karo Ceramics is one such studio, making full handmade "beautifully coloured, whimsical pieces... inspired by natural wonders, creatures and fairy tales." 

This serving bowl is no exception and would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen when catering for bigger numbers. 

Summer Wish List | The Flourishing Pantry

What's on your summer wish list?