One Lovely Blog Award and 7 facts about me

There are many many wonderful things about blogging and one of the most important for me is meeting people. 

When I started blogging I honestly thought I would keep what I was writing in a tiny little corner of the internet where no-one would ever see it. But gradually over time I realised the absolute joy that comes with sharing your thoughts and ideas with a wide audience and entering a conversation with them. 

In the very early days I somehow managed to get myself onto the invite list to the launch of the health category of the UK Blog Awards. Run in the offices of Action PR, I got chatting to Miranda of running blog Thoughts and Pavement and actually I barely spoke to anyone else all night, which suited me fine as we got on so well!

Miranda has since joined Action PR as their Head of Industry and I have enjoyed being able to follow her running journeys over the last year through social media. She’s also done shout outs for advice on food a few times which I’ve tried to help out on - “dinner party ideas for 8 people please” anyone?! 

So imagine my delight logging on to Twitter to find that Miranda had nominated my blog for an award! She tells me my blog makes her hungry, I think that's a good sign.... 


A big thank you to Miranda for the nomination, and definitely check out her blog if you are looking for great running inspiration. Oh and Christmas running outfits. It's one of her top posts :) 

The rules of the One Lovely Blog Award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you (done!)
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers and inform them of the nomination

So here we go, 7 facts about me:

1. I moved from London to Dublin this year 

The Long Room at Trinity College Dublin

The Long Room at Trinity College Dublin

2017 has been a major year for change for me. After 10 years I left London to move to Dublin to live with my boyfriend David. We spent over two years doing the relationship long distance but I thought it was time to take the plunge in the new year. So I quit my job, left my Greenwich flat behind and made the move to Ireland's fair city in May. So far it's been absolutely the best decision I could have made. 

I talked about the move a bit more in my recipe for lemon matcha cheese cake

2. I have two sisters - one is 30 and one is 8

Three sisters!

Three sisters!

I have two sisters - Ella and Lula. Yes, my Dad gets their names mixed up all the time! 

Ella is an incredible baker and has recently adjusted her day job office hours to give her more time on her baking business Ella Rose Cakes. Ella and I went to Soul Circus yoga festival last month, you can read more about it in this blog post. And Ella did a courgette cake recipe for the blog a little while back, helping me out with my total inability to bake! I'll definitely be having her back for another recipe collaboration soon. 

Lula is my amazing little 8 year old half-sister. She has Grade 1 cello with Merit, she can swim like a fish underwater, she eats vegetables like they're candy bars and her favourite film is The Minions. And in big-sister fashion I bought her the Spice Girls greatest hits last year and she loves it! We can do the whole dance routine to Stop :) 

3. My life has been all about music 

My office for a few days.... Dubai Opera

My office for a few days.... Dubai Opera

My parents are both musicians and my whole life to-date has been about orchestras. As a child I watched them play in countless concerts, leant the viola and piano, played the viola in my county youth orchestra from aged 13, joined orchestras at university and have spent my whole career so far working with orchestras.

I have been lucky enough to tour the UK and the rest of the world with my job, taking orchestras to countries including China, Japan, Argentina, Chile and the UAE. Read more about eating on tour in this blog post. 

4. I have started learning Spanish 

In the last couple of years I started to study Spanish, particularly inspired by a trip to South America with work. I hate going to other countries and not being able to say anything at all.  Because I didn't study Spanish at school I couldn't even say "thank you" or "please can I have...!" I felt so rude and vowed to get better and signed up to weekly classes at Institute Cervantes

My studies have been on pause since move to Dublin but I'd love to get back to it properly soon, Spain is also one of our favourite places to holiday and I love to be able to speak the language. 

5. I've run the London Marathon twice 

Running the London Marathon in 2014. Nearing the finish! 

Running the London Marathon in 2014. Nearing the finish! 

When I finished university I thought I needed another challenge in my life. I put my name into the ballot for the London Marathon and whilst I didn't get a place, the mental health charity Mind offered me a spot in January 2008. At that point I hadn't done any running at all, so I went from zero to hero in just three and a half months. Not clever according to my physio...!

When a few friends applied for the London Marathon ballot again for the race in 2014 I thought I'd do the same. "No-one ever gets through on the ballot!" I thought. WRONG. I got my place and ran my second marathon in almost the same time to the minute, 5 hours and 35 minutes. 

6. I am terrible at leaving the house  

Whilst I pride myself on being an organised person I seem to have a complete mental block when it comes to leaving the house. I always seem to find things that really need doing just before I am meant to be heading out the door which inevitably means I'm always late.  

My poor boyfriend despairs every time we try and go somewhere and claims I have three levels of ready: still-faffing ready, finding-unnecessary-things-to-do ready and walk-out-the-door ready! 

7. I love a good documentary 

Moving in with David has made me realise how obsessed I am with documentaries. I studied history at university and when I was living on my own I used to just devour things like Who Do You Think You Are and Dispatches.

David is a massive sci-fi and fantasy fan though, so we sometimes struggle to find things we want to watch together! Great British Bake Off and MasterChef are winners though - thank goodness for food to bring us together. 


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