Date and tahini cookies

The end of the year is approaching and I am totally obsessed with goal setting at the moment. I spent the weekend making these cookies and using a preview of my Imperfect Life Planner to map out my goals for the next three months.

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Date and tahini cookies | The Flourishing Pantry

In amongst all the planning I decided my recipe this month needed to include tahini.

I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to tahini recipes, both sweet and savoury, and yet barely cook with it at all. I’ve seen so many creative things to do with it - baked in brownies or worked into porridges and breakfasts. So when I realised I had not one but three jars of tahini just sat in the cupboards I decided something needed to be done.

Date and tahini cookies | The Flourishing Pantry

These little babies are absolutely delicious. They’re packed with sweetness from the dates and brown sugar, and store in an airtight container for 4-5 days.

Tahini is definitely not just for hummus - give it a try in your baking today and let me know what you think.

Date and tahini cookies | The Flourishing Pantry

SERVES: Makes 30 small cookies
PREP TIME: 50 minutes including chilling and cooling
COOKING TIME: 10-12 minutes


  • 200g dates, stoned 

  • 120g coconut oil  

  • 150g brown sugar 

  • 1 egg 

  • 120g tahini (you can stock up on Buy Whole Foods Online*) 

  • 1 tsp vanilla essence  

  • 200g plain flour (I used buckwheat which worked well) 

  • ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda 

  • 50g sesame seeds (I used a mix of black and white)


1. Finely chop the dates.

2. Beat together the coconut oil, sugar and chopped dates in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy.

3. Beat in the egg, followed by the tahini, vanilla and a pinch of salt. Stir in the flour and bicarbonate of soda to make a soft dough. Cover and chill in the fridge for 15 minutes to firm up slightly (this is an essential step so don’t risk missing it out, as the cookies will spread and catch in the oven without it). 

4. Preheat the oven to 180˚C, gas mark 4. While the mixture is chilling, line baking sheets with baking parchment. I did mine with small trays and did three, and made the cookies in two batches.

5. Put the sesame seeds on a plate or in a small bowl. Roll heaped teaspoons of dough into spheres and roll in the seeds to lightly coat. In order to get mine similar sizes I weighed the mixture and then divided by 30. Each of my cookies was made from 27g of mixture.

6. Space the spheres out on each baking sheet and flatten slightly with a fork. They won’t spread very much. Bake for 10-12 minutes, in batches if needed, until pale golden. Leave to firm up on the baking sheets for 2 minutes, then cool on a wire rack.

Date and tahini cookies | The Flourishing Pantry
Date and tahini cookies | The Flourishing Pantry

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