How you know you’re ready to work with a coach

My diary has been filling up in the last few weeks with coaching sessions with new clients. I’m so excited to be working with passionate people who are ready to get their wellness business on the road to success and want all the benefits of one-to-one coaching to help them get there.  

Interested? Find out what coaching is and how we could work together. 

Getting to know the people I’m working with has shown me there are a lot of similar traits among them. The things I’ve identified are true signs they are in the right headspace to be working with a coach right now. 

I thought I’d share a few of those common attributes with you. Maybe you are feeling like this and working with a coach is the answer you’re looking for. 

Can I also let you into a little secret?

I’m working with a coach too! It’s actually really important for me to get all the benefits of having one-to-one time with someone as I grow my business too. 

Investing in a coach makes me really focus on the results I want to see from our sessions and the accountability it gives me in making progress.

I’m already seeing the benefit in a more positive mindset, a simpler and less overwhelmed approach, and a clarity when I have someone to help me probe deeper into what stops me moving forward. 

Having undertaken training to become a coach and working with my own clients, I genuinely believe in the power of coaching to take you to the next level.

Coaching is all about showing you the answers you already have inside you, tapping into an inner confidence, getting to know yourself better and being your own best guide. Not just following someone else’s blueprint.  


Am I ready to start working with a coach?

How you know you're ready for a coach | The Flourishing Pantry

 1. You don’t like being told what to do

One of the most common things clients tell me when I first meet them during a Step Forward call is that they don’t like being told what to do. This kind of personality often comes part-and-parcel with wanting to run your own business. 

Realising that taking direction from someone else, or being reliant on others is just not your bag is a significant step in deciding to work for yourself. 

Coaching is the perfect fit for you if you hate being told what to do.

Because a coach doesn’t do that. What a coach does is ask questions to help you find the answers you need. 

“I don’t know’ is something we bust through in order to get the clarity you need. At the end of each session you’ll have an action plan that you create, rather than one that’s given to you. 

If you want someone to tell you exactly how to run your business or achieve your goal, don’t hire a coach. You’ll only end up frustrated when they don’t give you answers. 

If you’re intrigued about a Step Forward call, I offer them free. In just a 45-minute call we can help identify your goal, drill down on why it’s important and set out some mile-stones. Check my diary and book a session today. 

Am I ready for a coach | The Flourishing Pantry

2. You’re sick of online courses that don’t teach you anything 

This is the exact point I got to earlier this year – sick of courses and still not moving forward. I was constantly getting sucked in to the offers of online courses, worksheets, books and qualifications. I thought I needed to know more, learn more and would be able to get quick fixes from someone who was further ahead than me. 

But when I bought those courses, what happened?

I still didn’t have the answers I was looking for. 

I was disappointed with the content sometimes, or didn’t feel the advice or recommendations fitted with me or the business I envisioned. Even with all that knowledge served up in a neat package, I still wasn’t making the progress I wanted. 

The things that was missing for me was the personalisation that comes with one-to-one coaching. Sometimes you really need someone to hold up a mirror, repeat your words back to you and dig in to what is making you tick, or what’s blocking you. 

Yes there will always be common traits and themes – I’m confident I’ll see them more and more as I do more coaching. But no-one knows exactly what is going on in your head apart from you and coaching is all about you

Coaching sessions aren’t led by what the coach thinks you need. It isn’t a lecture or a lesson from them. The sessions are led by you, the client, and they go where you need to get the growth and momentum you’re looking for. 

3. You love your friends and family, but they don’t give you the advice you need 

Another complaint I get from clients is that while they have wonderful and supportive friends and family, they never get the advice they need from them. 

Sometimes this is because that support network just doesn’t have the experience. They’re confused by your business venture or idea (“what is AN INSTAGRAM?”) and it’s impossible to explain it to them. 

They want the best for you and sometimes, they’re scared for you. Starting your own business or putting yourself out there involves risk. Usually those close to you don’t want you to get hurt or be vulnerable, so sometimes their advice comes from a place that tries to protect you. That’s not always the advice you want or need. 

If you’re interested in creating a community around you when your family don’t get you, listen to my podcast interview with Creative Women International on this exact topic.

A coach is the best friend you never knew you needed. They don’t judge, they don’t advise, they don’t try and protect you. They trust that you are fine just as you are. Your coaching sessions are the space and time to work through things in your own way, without someone else’s agenda getting in the way. 

Do you need a coach | The Flourishing Pantry

4. You know it’s all inside, you just don’t know how it will manifest 

This is exactly how I felt earlier this year. Absolutely convinced that there was a business inside me, the skills, the intelligence and the knowledge, but not knowing how to get it all to come out! 

What is the business? How will it look? What is its purpose? What am I good at and what can I offer? What is stopping me having an amazing business right now

Working with a coach does go deep if you want it to. And sometimes you’ll need to in order to make progress. It’s often underlying stories you are telling yourself or beliefs you have that hold you back from busting through and achieving what you’re dreaming of. 

However coaching isn’t counselling and it’s not therapy. We don’t spend hours looking back at what’s happened. We don’t analyse the past. We look forward. We live in the present and dream big and specific about the future and create a plan to get there. Coaching is solution focused and that solution is created by you. 

What do you think? Do any of these things sound familiar? Have you worked with a coach before and seen the benefit?

If you are interested in taking your first steps into coaching and exploring how it feels for someone to hold space for you, check my diary and we’ll get you booked in.

Or you can contact me and tell me what you’re thinking - I’d love to know and I’ll tell you honestly if I think coaching is the right thing for you.

I have three different ways to support you, ranging from a 90 minute session through to six month coaching. Find out more and see which one sounds right for you.  

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