About Yeast Free

About Yeast Free 

When I discovered my yeast intolerance (I did a food intolerance blood test) I did a lot of searching online for foods containing yeast; what I needed to avoid and what I could eat in abundance.

The more I searched the more confused I got. Some websites seemed to claim that in order to avoid yeast there were loads of other things I needed to cut out too, not just yeast itself. I couldn't actually find sources with clear lists of 'yeast containing' foods, and quite a few were conflicting. I also started reading about something called candida which got me wondering - do I need an anti-candida diet? And is that different from a yeast free diet? Are my symptoms caused by candida overgrowth? 

Since my first explorations I have now reached a point where I realise that the conflicting consensus online is because there isn't scientific consensus that candida overgrowth exists. 

In writing this blog it's been very important to me to get to the bottom of the scientific research about the gut and I want to share my findings with you. And that includes reading the facts about anti-candida and yeast free diets. 

If you are genuinely allergic or intolerant to yeast then don't eat yeast, or yeast containing products. Beyond that, it's entirely your own decision and discovery as to what suits you best! 

Before you read anything else about yeast free I highly recommend these articles and resources to help you get some clarity:

1. Read Microbiome Myths and How To Really Help Your Digestion from Laura Thomas PhD and particularly the section on candida and the leaky gut. 

2. Read Captain Science vs The Army of Fungus from Angry Chef 

3. Watch this video from NutritionFacts.org - Is Candida Syndrome Real?

4. Read Getting the Facts Straight on Candida from Taste and See blog

5. Read my blog post on Why Yeast Free Isn't The Answer

I have changed my views a lot about candida and yeast free since starting my blog and I want you to learn with me! Please read the articles above for my most up-to-date opinions. 

Do contact me if you have any questions, I’d love to help and share my journey.