Why I don’t think you need weird ingredients to eat healthy

I saw my aunt recently at a family get-together and she was telling me how supportive she was of my blog. “I love commenting and liking on your posts on Facebook… but realistically I’m never going to make any of your food. It’s full of weird ingredients isn’t it?” 

Cue my heart sinking.

When I started blogging I definitely felt a pressure to use some weird ass whacky ingredients. I wanted to keep up with all the fabulous looking smoothie bowls and bright bold coloured creations I was seeing on Instagram

I bought psyllium husk, golden linseeds, spirulina and buckwheat breads amongst other ingredients. Aside from costing a load of money, some of those things actually really don’t taste nice. Spirulina is a massive case-in-point (it’s basically seaweed and can have a really overpowering flavour if you add too much) and buckwheat is something I’m now comfortable loving to hate. 

Some of the breads I  tried and reviewed for the blog . Many of which were really unpleasant...

Some of the breads I tried and reviewed for the blog. Many of which were really unpleasant...

As I’ve gone on through time adjusting my diet and listening to my body, and also the advice of experts, I’ve realised that weird and whacky ingredients couldn’t be less essential to a healthy diet.

The reason I wrote my e-book Create Your Own Flourishing Pantry, was to prove that you can eat healthy meals with a set of really core ingredients. The ingredients are things I have in the kitchen that last weeks and months (if not years!) and form the basis for hundreds of tasty healthy meals that you can mix and match to suit. 

Are they weird ingredients? No. It’s lots of things you’ll probably have already! Chickpeas, maple syrup, paprika, brown rice, onions, garlic, cashews, eggs, milk. See? That doesn’t sound too crazy does it? 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t experiment or try new things. If you’ve tried some cacao nibs and loved them – invest in a bag! Or maybe acai totally floats your boat. Go for it. 

I’m definitely all about variety and for me that comes from the fruit and vegetables you add to your dishes. We don’t even know all the amazing nutrient properties these little powerhouses contain so trying to get as many different types into our weekly meals is a great aim. 

But the core of your meals can very happily and healthily be some staples that sit in your cupboards ready for when you need them most. 


So right now don’t beat yourself up if your smoothie doesn’t have four different powders or seven unidentifiable fruits in it this morning.

You’re already doing an amazing job, you don’t have to add anything unusual. Save your money for that course you’ve been dreaming of doing instead. 

You don’t need weird ingredients because if you’re getting plenty of variety in your diet and lots of fruit and veg you can absolutely nail healthy eating with what you find in your regular supermarket. 

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