How I make time to prioritise my health

Last week I talked about why I think entrepreneurs need to be healthier and shared a couple of the resources and spaces I’m creating to try and help. 

This week I want to share the simple things I do in my week to prioritise my health. This is a true ‘live what you give’ post from me to you!


1. I go to the gym first thing in the morning

F45 Sandyford

After whining for months that I didn’t have the money to sign up to a great gym or fitness programme I eventually bored myself with my own excuses.

I worked a seriously hard month and earned more than I ever had before and when the pay cheques came in I prioritized a 3-month unlimited subscription to my local F45

It’s a lot of money, I’m not going to lie. But knowing that means I go every, damn, day that I can. And yes there are other things I could have spent the money on. I have a wedding to pay for later this year for starters! But knowing that exercise has such a massive positive effect on my mind-set meant I bumped this up the list of ‘must buy’ for the month. 

I go to the gym in the mornings because it gets it out of the way. I’m not a morning person, so please don’t think I’m bouncing out from under the duvet at 06.15. But when I’m done at 07.50 I know I have the whole day ahead of me to do what I want. That is seriously empowering. 

2. I meditate in the mornings before I hit the desk

The benefits of meditation are seemingly endless and I try to work it into my morning routine. Personally I find I can focus better during the day, have more patience with my work and other people and approach things in a calmer and more open-minded way when I’ve done 10 minutes meditation. Read about more meditation benefits here

For all the benefits you’d think sometimes that it was a form of torture the way I put it off. Honestly I find so much to do. Make the bed, start the breakfast, put the washing away, flick through Instagram AGAIN. Until I eventually have a word with myself and sit down and just take 10 minutes to breathe, clear my mind and check in with myself before I start my day. 

I use Headspace. Because my brain is just too freaking busy to get it to switch off and sit for 10 minutes in silence without some sort of guidance. I’d highly recommend Headspace but I do want to start trying out some other guided meditations too. I’ll let you know when I find some good ones. 

3. I batch cook healthy meals for lunches

I don’t know how lazy you’re going to think I am for saying this. I work in my house right next to the kitchen. So by all accounts it would be very easy to make myself a quick meal on my lunch break. Haha, lunch break. 

Anyway, I usually don’t. What I usually do is enjoy my time cooking in the evenings instead, when I have switched off, can chat to my other half about our days, and make something really delicious that I can put into tupperwares for meals over the coming week (or weeks). 

Haddock and chickpea stew | The Flourishing Pantry

I would like to point out this is not the same as 'meal-prep' in the sense of having identical chicken breasts and broccoli for 5 days straight. The beauty of batch cooking for me is I could pop a couple of portions in the fridge, but then freeze the rest to mix it up later in the month. I don't want to eat the same thing all week, and I wouldn't expect you to either. 

The meals on the blog I’d recommend you can do this with are my Mix and Match Noodles, Creamy Lentil Pasta, spicy pumpkin soup (or any soup really!), or my haddock and chickpea stew. All amazing to have stashed in individual portions, you can just throw them in the microwave or re-heat on the hob and have a delicious, home-cooked meal at your desk in the middle of the day.  


I am going to say now, I am not always perfect at these things.

Sometimes I don’t want to get up early for a pounding at the gym, or I don’t have any handily prepared meals for lunch in the fridge. But do you know what? That’s okay. Knowing these are three habits I can get back into easily helps with feeling organized and prioritizing me. 

What about you? What habits do you build into your life to prioritise your health? I’d love to hear more and see if there are other simple things we should all be introducing. 

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