5 best podcasts for inspiration and motivation

A few months ago I published two blog posts (Part 1 and Part 2) of my recommended podcasts for health, food and nutrition. They were some of my most popular blog posts and something I've passed on to people time and time again when others are asking for podcast inspiration. 

Since I published those 10 podcasts I have discovered a whole wealth of other 'pods' that I've become hooked on. So I wanted to give you all a little update of my new favourites to add for your listening pleasure. 


1. Make It Happen

Make It Happen podcast review

I'm not sure how I ended up on Jen Carrington's mailing list - I think it may well have been after enjoying hearing her speak on the Hashtag Authentic podcast. But I'm so glad I did and then made my way by osmosis to her podcast Make It Happen. 

Jen is a "creative coach, helping big-hearted creatives make things happen in their creative life and business on their own terms, in their own way, and by their own rules." Sounds good, right? 

Her episode are filled with great guests talking about so many issues that come up for me working as a creative (a word I struggle with already!) on my own. Of particular resonance with me recently were 'Being a business owner, not a freelancer', 'Show up as if you're already where you want to be' and 'Living and working in seasons' which actually made me cry on the tram when Jen talked about seasons of struggle. 

Most excitingly Jen is teaming up with Sara Tasker from Hashtag Authentic to launch a new podcast called Letters From A Hopeful Creative. I've even submitted a letter so who knows, maybe I'll pop up on a future episode!

Find out more about Make It Happen here


2. Talking Tastebuds

Talking Tastebuds

A new podcast that seems to have blasted onto the scene in the last few months and has made a massive impact. 

Venetian Falconer is a TV presenter with a passion for delicious food and natural beauty remedies and Talking Tastebuds is her podcast to talk about how food forms an integral part of our lives. She's also a vegan too which is a theme that crops up a lot with her guests. 

This show is all about the guests and also about the quality of the presenting. As you'd expect from a TV presenter Venetia is fantastic at getting the real story out of people and I love the clear structure of the podcast - starting with asking what guests had for breakfast, right through to a tailored (and challenging!) quick-fire round at the end. 

I don't always agree with the guests. A small number of them I couldn't listen to right to the end. But I said that also about Jessica Murnane and the One Part Podcast. However I admire presenters who bring on guests that have different opinions and you know what? It's good to be challenged and to form an opinion and think about why something isn't quite floating your boat.

Great guests include Anna Jones, Dr Giles Yeo, Rhiannon Lambert (lots of myth busting which I LOVED) and The Happy Pear (for an Irish addition!). 

Talking Tastebuds is available on Apple podcasts here


3. Diana Henry's At The Kitchen Table

At The Kitchen Table podcast review

There's only four episodes of this podcast so no fear about trawling through masses of back catalogue. But what is there is fantastic. 

Again this show is all about the guests and the quality stands out here - Rick Stein, yotam Ottolenghi (who's story I'd never really heard before), Tom Kerridge and Ruby Tandoh (I still miss her on Twitter!). Hearing about these inspiring people and their journeys through food is such a pleasure and Diana Henry's interview style is brilliant and engaging. 

Find out more about At The Kitchen Table here.


4. The Doctor's Kitchen

The Doctor's Kitchen podcast review

This is another podcast without a million episodes to trawl through. 

Dr Rupy Aujla, the man behind The Doctor's Kitchen, designed this podcast as another format to reenforce the 5 pillars of health he covers in his book - eat colourful, eat whole, eat fibre, plants and eat in time. Each show he gets a different expert on to discuss the principles with him which really adds to the weight of his arguments. 

I did an interview with Rupy over on the Health Bloggers Community Magazine about how he started the podcasts and the process that goes into it which I found fascinating. You can read that here

Listen to The Doctor's Kitchen podcast here.


5. Creative Women International

Creative Women's International

Since launching our series of retreats The Reset, I've been looking for other support networks and places to find business advice. I came across the Creative Women International podcast hosted by Philiy Page and loved the short (15-20min), easy to digest episodes with brilliant, straight to the point advice. 

Having come from the creative industries in the form of music in my work life a lot of what Philiy speaks about, with a background in film, really resonates. There's a whole treasure trove of episodes to work through - I loved 'Starting a Creative Career When You Don't Know What You Want To Be' and 'Trust Yourself' in particular, though I feel like I'm only getting started digging into what's there. 

Listen to the Creative Women's International podcasts here

Remember to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my podcast recommendations for loads more inspiration and ideas. 

Have I missed anything? Which podcasts are you loving at the moment?