The one time evidence isn’t important in wellness

Evidence is so important in the wellness industry.  

It’s absolutely critical to building a world in which people know who to trust. It’s essential in growing responsible content producers and to stamp out nutrib*llocks on the Internet that isn’t evidence based or grounded in facts. It’s vital to stop people spending needless money or worse, risking their health on products and services that will never help.

I’ve previously written about how I approach my blog writing, moving away from subjects that I do not have credentials in and sticking to the areas that I have experience and knowledge of instead. 

So why now am I writing a blog post about ignoring the evidence? 


Because sometimes, belief is more important. 

I recently listened to this episode of The Life Coach School podcast entitled: What Do You Want To Believe?

 In it, Life Coach Brooke Castillo talks about how belief in something that you want sometimes has to come from a place in your mind where there is absolutely no evidence to prove it is possible. 

Say what? 

That’s right. In order to fully believe in something – like a goal, or an imagined future life, income or job, we somtimes have to ignore all current available evidence about what is possible. And just believe it’s going to happen. 

When I was scrabbling to think about what would be a really poignant first blog post of 2019, the more I thought about this topic the more I realised it was perfect for the New Year. 

Why belief is so important | The Flourishing Pantry

In January we are inevitably thinking about goals, intentions or whatever you want to call your renewed focuses for the year ahead. And sometimes those goals will be for things that we’ve never achieved before. 


Maybe your goal is to build a better relationship with food. 


Maybe it’s to eat more plant-based meals (it’s one of mine) 


Maybe it’s to do a pull-up or run a 5k. 


Let’s take the first one as an example. 


Perhaps you’ve never had a good relationship with food. It’s always been yo-yo dieting, gaining and losing weight, bingeing and restricting, feeling anger and hatred towards your body and what you eat. 

 All the evidence that you’ve collected in your life up until this moment, points to one outcome: that your relationship with food will never change. It hasn’t until now, so what’s going to shift? 


What has to shift is your belief that change is possible. 


If you start the new year with the intention to build a better relationship with food, but in the back of your mind you really think it’ll never happen, the guess what? It won’t. 


In order to completely change, you have to believe it first. 


IMG_1845 edited.jpg

Your mind doesn’t actually know the difference between reality and fiction. Sad as it may seem, the mind isn’t so enamoured with facts as we might like! What it responds to is what you tell it is true. 

So if you hang on to the belief that you can’t change your relationship with food, then you won’t. 

But if you want to change your relationship with food, if you’ve really drilled down into why it’s important to you, how you can do it, broken it down into steps and created a plan and if you really and truly believe that change is possible, then it is. 

The evidence to the contrary isn’t important. If you want something and truly believe it can happen then it will. The mind is staggeringly powerful when it comes to making changes. 


Give it a try. Ignore the evidence today and work on wholeheartedly believing in the one thing that you want for 2019. I believe it’s possible. So should you. 

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When evidence isn't important in wellness | The Flourishing Pantry