Why you need to simplify what you’re doing to get results

Overwhelm. We’ve all been there, right? 

I hit a wall like this recently in my business and it was totally crippling. I was taking on every. single. piece of advice being thrown at me. Sales funnels, doing live sessions, growing a mailing list, better sales strategies, building social media following, learning new scheduling tools… 

I had started drawing an ever increasing and to be honest, totally confusing mind-map of where my customers were going to find me, what I was going to provide them with, a ludicrously packed content schedule and arrows aplenty to what I thought I needed to do to engage people with what I was offering. 

When I sat back and looked at the ‘map’ (if you could call my crazy and indecipherable scribbles a map…) it felt totally overwhelming.

I had zero idea where to start, what was important and in the end, why the hell I was doing it. 

I wrote a panicked email to my coach (Kerry Lyons at The Imperfect Life Co.) warning her that our next session was going to be a complicated one. 

“Great. Breathe! We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

When we got on our call I was ready for detailed business approach. A total unpicking and building of a strategy for me to work on. 

What happened?  

We simplified. 

Rather than staring at that ridiculous mind-map, we stripped it right back. Started again with a blank page, and gave my poor overwhelmed mind space to think again. 

What needs to be done? Okay, prioritise those things. 

What feels like it drains time and doesn’t achieve anything? Okay, stop doing those things. 

What really motivates and excites you to do? Start there! 


Why do you need to simplify? 

Why you need to simplify | The Flourishing Pantry | coaching for wellness entrepreneurs

1. Because being overwhelmed is paralysing. 

If you’ve got advice coming at you from every side and you don’t know where to begin you’ll end up doing nothing, just like me.

Simplifying helped clear the overwhelm. It stripped away all the layers and gave me a fresh start. It was a relief and one that you might need too. 

2. Because simple works

A lot of the advice out there is often quite advanced, and for people at different stages of their business to where I’m at right now. I can see the sense in it, but it was important to log what was said and acknowledge it wasn’t the advice I need right now.

Starting simple gives me somewhere to grow to. If I don’t start simple, I don’t start at all. 

3.    Because finding your own way is more important 

As much as free advice is brilliant (and I genuinely think it is, and there’s so much out there!) it’s also really crucial to find your own way. And sometimes that means making mistakes, trying things differently and experimenting.

Doing one thing at a time and keeping it simple means you can test out what works, stick to it if it gets results, or make changes if it’s not getting you what you want.

If someone gives you “39 things you need to do right now to grow your mailing list” – just try one of them! See how it goes, and give yourself a day and time to check back in and assess.  

How to simplify your business | The Flourishing Pantry | Coaching for wellness business owners

Overwhelm can also happen with how we approach our health. And the same thing must apply here too. 

Stop complicating your health more than you need to.

You don’t need weird ingredients.

You don’t need an expensive gym membership. 

You don’t need a nutrition degree. 


Complicated or confusing health advice can also lead to paralysis. Break it down and amongst all the advice being given, find the one thing you can do this week to make a positive change when it comes to your health.

Maybe it’s trying to get 8hrs sleep, setting a limit on your social media time, preparing some overnight oats for breakfast or trying a yoga video at home. Don’t try and do them all.Keep it simple! Pick one, see how it goes and build from there. 

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. 


What do you think? Is it time to let some simplicity into your life? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, drop me a line or connect on social media.

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