How The Compound Effect will get you the best results for your health and business

I feel like the Universe has been screaming at me lately. This usually happens - I don’t get a drip drip effect, I get an all out assault of signs pointing me towards the same information that I really need to hear! And it happened again in the last week.

In the course of just three days I stumbled across four pieces of content online that reinforced how important tiny little steps are to seeing big and significant change in your life.

I’ve known the principle for a while that it’s important to break down big goals into tiny steps.

The human brain loves to see progress and that’s what keeps us motivated and inspired to keep going.

It’s something we teach on The Reset retreats, showing our guests how to move their huge goals into action plans with little steps to do each day to take them forward.

But the resources I want to share with you today took this principle to a whole new level and really cemented it for me. “Keep showing up” for your business (and your health) is a phrase I’ve heard a lot in the last few years.

But with these tools I actually get it now.

How the Compound Effect can build your business | The Flourishing Pantry

How to build a large audience - Janet Murray podcast

The first thing I heard that started me off on this journey to The Compound Effect was this episode of the Janet Murray podcast with Callie Willows.

In the interview, Callie talks about using content marketing (producing free content in the form of blogs and videos for example) to attract an audience for her business.

She said this brilliant thing in the podcast that really made me think and feel reassured about the path I’m currently taking:

"With content marketing and audience building it's a long game. You're not going to see instant results. You need to persist. You need to accept that you'll be putting things out there for a while that you won't necessarily know if anyone is paying attention to or if anyone cares." 

When you’re writing a blog it can feel like you’re often putting out content that you have no idea where it’s landing. You get zero feedback, no-one pats you on the back for producing it and you can’t be convinced it’s helping anyone at all.

But hearing someone remind you that it’s the persistence that pays off is a small reminder that it’s worth showing up and still doing it every day.

It won’t be a single blog post that changes your world. It will be the sheer act of doing it time and time again that will hone your craft and attract an audience.

You can listen to the episode here.

What is the Compound Effect | The Flourishing Pantry

The Compound Effect - The Life Coach School podcast

You will all know I’m a massive fan of Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School podcast for honestly mind blowing concepts for coaching yourself to greater things. This episode was no exception.

Putting a name to the phenomenon of taking small but consistent steps, Brooke explains how The Compound Effect is what she’s utilised in running her podcast or starting a yoga practise for example.

Four years ago Brooke set up The Life Coach School podcast and committed to recording a new episode every single week. At the beginning she could have just not bothered. The listener numbers weren’t huge. Who would really care if she missed a week? Or if the podcast didn’t go live consistently?

But she persevered. And now with over 200 episodes she has a whole wealth of content which are the grounding for attracting new clients, growing her business and showcasing her work.

That didn’t just happen over night.

It came from the sometimes mind-numbing consistency of showing up every single week to record another episode and putting it out there. The compound effect of doing the podcast over time is what has made her a success. Not just doing one episode.

Here’s a great quote:

“…I have earned that honour, I have earned that audience, through the compound effect. And what the compound effect is, is a lot of little decisions that add up to a big pile of success. And I want to teach you about the compound effect because it is how we do everything and it is sprinkled throughout all of my work and all of the tools that I teach you.

Most of us are waiting for the big win. We’re waiting for the lottery. We’re waiting for the book deal. We’re waiting to get discovered. We’re waiting for the agent to discover us and then to have this big huge win. And, fortunately, that is not how it works.”

You can listen to the episode here.

The Choice - animated short film

So I was feeling pretty motivated and inspired to get to the desk already after listening to Brooke’s explanation of The Compound Effect.

But when I logged on to LinkedIn and saw someone had shared this video called The Choice, the whole thing just went to the next level again.

Of course this is just an animation, but it really illustrates how tiny tiny choices each day, in the moment, all add up to something so much greater.

One of my favourite quotes that I share on The Reset is:

“A great and glorious achievement is just a series of un-great, un-glorious steps viewed from far away.”

That’s exactly what this video illustrates.

We all want ‘overnight success.’ We all want the muscles this guy has by the end, or the big pile of money or the accolades at work. But they aren’t just handed to us. They’re all results of constant and consistent choices made every single day to take us towards that goal.

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

This video was recommended by Brooke Castillo in her podcast episode. It’s based on Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect and if the comments underneath are anything to go by e.g. “This is some of the best advice I’ve gotten in my life!” then it’s definitely one to make time for.

I want to get my hands on the book next to solidify this message into my brain even further.

What do you think? Do you notice The Compound Effect in your own life? What little thing can you do, what small choice can you make each day, that will move you towards your goal?

If you like podcast recommendations you might like to check out my blog post of 5 podcasts I love for inspiration and motivation.

If you’re struggling to build the momentum to achieve a Compound Effect in your wellness business I’m here to help. Check out my coaching programmes to find out more about how to work with me one-to-one.

I can help you get started and support you on the journey to growing your wellness business and begin seeing the results of consistent effort every single day.

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