Flourishing Entrepreneurs: #14 Nichola Flood, Queen of Health

This week’s Flourishing Entrepreneurs interview is with Nichola Flood, aka The Queen of Health. I met Nichola through the power of social media and now work with her as a coach, helping her grow her health and nutrition coaching business both in person in Dublin and online.

Nichola has such a fascinating story that led to her creating her own business and I wanted to share it with you all. Nichola shows what is possible when it comes to really embodying the change you want others to achieve. Nichola’s transformation is what inspires her clients and getting her journey out into the world is what attracts people to her.

I will be interviewing Nichola live on my Instagram account on Wednesday 15th May. If you’re curious to know more about Nichola’s career journey and how she builds her business, make sure you’re following to join in the conversation. 


Who are you, what is your business and what job title do you have?

Nichola Flood I am a Nutritional Coach at The Queen Of Health.

Like most of us I was challenged by my health to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I had two choices, keep going the way I was feeling: tired, depressed, over-weight and unfit. Or make changes to empower a better life and make the most out of this body I was given.

“If you don’t look after your body you will have nowhere to live”

The key focus for me is to listen to my clients and give them the tools to prepare for change which are tailor made for each individual.

This allows for positive mind changing experiences with long term results in their overall health. My B.A.degree in Training and Education coupled with a Diploma in Nutritional Coaching enables me to collaborate with my clients to develop strategies for success.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, get fit or just want more energy, eating well can make you feel amazing, which in turn prepares you for life’s many challenges.

What were you told about work growing up? What career advice were you given?

I really didn’t get much advice on career growing up. I was very young leaving school as I started at 3 years of age, so this means I did my leaving cert at 16.

I didn’t know what I wanted, although I had a passion for dancing, art and preforming. I got to tick all three boxes as I went to Art & Dance college and as a result opened up my own dance school and preformed for most of my 20’s.

I had a successful dance school for 22 years and worked with some amazing people. I have always been drawn to work in a creative industry and my last job before the Queen of Health was a head trainer for a leading pharmacy group. So I suppose I love standing in front of people eiter dancing, talking or coaching and making a difference in peoples lives!

Nichola Flood The Queen of Health

How has your mindset changed around work since then?

I always was a go getter, if I failed I would pick myself back up see the fail as a challenge and work ot how I can do it better or was it a lesson learnt to take a different path!

At the start I  never really believed in myself. I lacked a lot of confidence that I had to work hard at gaining. It doesn’t come easy to me and I still work on it each day to get out of my comfort zone and feel the fear.

From my key learnings in my own development I now coach my clients to work on their limiting self-beliefs. We are all conditioned from as far back as when we were children, always being told we can’t have this or we can’t afford that. I was not a very confident person although I could dance in front of a large crowd or train in front of people.

I have had to really work on self-confidence and believing in myself. It’s something that I do every day and I always look for an opportunity to feel the fear and jump out of my comfort zone.

How do you prioritise your health as a busy entrepreneur? 

Well I have to walk the talk now don’t I ha ha!

For me I train in the gym by lifting weights 4 times a week. I make a commitment to get to the gym for 6am and do 50-60 minutes. This is a passion of mine since I learnt how to do it correctly and how it makes me feel.

I lost 4 stone and I have kept it off 6 yeats later and part of that is my gym routine. But as I tell clients 80% is nutrition and 20% is exercise. After suffering from depression through my own IVF journey the gym really keeps me focused and keeps my mind open and calm.

Its what works for me. Oh and a Fab 5 Green Smoothie (I have these as part if my daily breakfast)

Nichola Flood The Queen of Health

How is your relationship with food?

I had a very bad relationship with food in the past. I was a yo yo dieter, restricting myself and then binging.

Only until we started trying for a baby and were sent on the IVF roller coaster did I say “right, I need to do something about this.” I took my health into my own hands and decided I didn’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life.

So my journey began and I wrote and published a book called Body Beautiful. I wanted to help support and tell my story to those struggling.

What is your favourite meal, something you would recommend others learn to cook or prepare? 

Overnight chia seed for brekkie.

Why? It is actioned packed with amazing nutrients and keeps those hunger hormones at bay right up to lunch. I love adding cacao into mine as it makes it taste like pudding for brekkie!

Photo from Nichola’s Instagram  @TheQueenOfHealth

Photo from Nichola’s Instagram @TheQueenOfHealth

The voice in your head - we’ve all got one! What negative thing does it say to you most often and how do you deal with it? 

That I am not good enough. But I use positive affirmations every morning.

I use to compare myself to others but I now know every single person has something they would like to change and everyone is going through their own crap. So let’s support each other!

Success – what does it mean to you? What is your version of success? 

Living the dream! I am living my dream job so I am successful right now …. I may not be there 100% as I want to do so much more but hell yeah - I love my job and the people it brings me to.

The Queen of Health Nichola Flood Body Beautiful

Self-care. What does it mean to you and what self-care practises do you have to look after yourself as a busy entrepreneur? 

One I have to remind myself to do, I love to grab a 10 minute mediation or maybe get a foot massage.

I have taught my hubby how to do reflexology, so he now he knows all the pressure points and what areas they relate to in the body! I suffer with sinus and back related issues but a foot rub makes me sleep like a baby  and relieves all the above.

What one book, video or podcast would you recommend to entrepreneurs? 

The Green Platform by Declan Coyle, A modern day version of The Secret.

What one tip, quote or resource would you share with other entrepreneurs to help them on their journey?

Believe in yourself to create a better you.

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