The secret to writing an award-winning blog

Last month I was extremely honoured to receive the Nutramino Health & Fitness Award 2019 for Blog of the Year. 

It was a wonderful experience. Particularly for me, as someone with no traditional ‘health and fitness’ qualifications.

I’m not a doctor, a Nutritionist or even a health coach. I’m someone sharing my own story and the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

To have that recognised by a panel of health and fitness experts was really overwhelming and made me truly believe that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. 

But I wanted to let you in on a secret to writing an award-winning blog. 

Because there is one thing that you need to do that goes beyond writing brilliant content, sharing your knowledge, speaking from experience, taking great photos, being consistent and knowing your audience. 

Those are all givens for running a successful blog. 

Do you want to know what it is that will get you an award for your blog?

You have to nominate yourself 

Now, perhaps some bloggers will want to shoot me right now for revealing this. But it’s the truth. 

Both the awards I have won for my blog, plus all the nominations I’ve picked up along the way in the last 3 years, have all been because I have put myself forward. 

 Yup, I’ve nominated myself. I’ve filled in the application, written my own pitch, submitted all my details and then sat back and waited to see what happened. 

Me with my lovely blogger pals - Sinead from Delalicious (photo credit) and Ciara from The Irish Balance

Me with my lovely blogger pals - Sinead from Delalicious (photo credit) and Ciara from The Irish Balance

Maybe some of you are now thinking the whole awards thing is bogus. If everyone just nominates themselves, how do you know who is truly the best?! Does the award mean anything at all? 

 Despite the process, I do still have faith in awards and think you should too. Because whilst I have put myself forward for these awards, in all instances there has been a panel of judges making the final decision. There is some expert choice in there and a review of your content and value to decide who wins. 

 BUT…. The truth is you can’t be in that running for winner unless you step up and put yourself forward. 

 And do you know what it takes to write that application? 


Belief in yourself. Belief in your blog. Belief that you need to be recognised. Belief that you are adding value. Belief that you deserve an accolade for the work you have put in. Belief that you are enough. 

I know so many people that are writing great content, producing beautiful photos, recipes, tips and guides for the public. But they won’t put themselves forward for an award because they don’t have that belief. 

 Belief is what takes you to the next level. Belief is what gives you the chance of being an award-winner. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not always my own biggest cheerleader. In fact, very rarely sometimes! I’m not writing this to gloat or tell you how much unfailing belief I have in myself. It fails me a lot. 

But I did understand when I saw the process of applying for awards that I can put myself forward, just like anyone else. I have just as much right to be in the running. If I want to be in that race, the only way to be there is to apply. 

My first award - Health Bloggers Community Free From Blogger 2017

My first award - Health Bloggers Community Free From Blogger 2017

I actually think the experience of putting yourself up for an award is a metaphor for so many things in life. 

You can look and want and covet lots of things in this world. Maybe you want to lose some weight, run a 10k, have a 6 figure business or change the life of a celebrity with your work. All of these things are possible for you. 

But you won’t achieve any of these things without belief. Total, unfailing belief that not only can you achieve these things, but that you deserve them too. Just as much as the next person. 

When I wrote those applications I believed I deserved a place in the running. I deserved to be considered, alongside all my counterparts writing amazing blogs. And this year I got chosen.

But if I hadn’t had that belief at the beginning, I wouldn’t be here now. With the award sat on my shelf, and this smiling picture to share with you all. 


What do you think? Do you have belief in what you deserve? 

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