Flourishing Entrepreneurs: #15 Kristie Murphy from Freya's Nourishment

This week’s Flourishing Entrepreneur is someone I have met through the magic of the internet, not only online but also in real life. And considering I live in Ireland and she lives is Australia I find this pretty amazing.

Kristie is someone I’ve been following since I first came onto Instagram back in 2016 and when she realised that I lived just round the corner from where her husband’s family were based in Dublin, and in fact the area she had moved to and lived herself for a few years while travelling in Europe, she reached out to see if we could meet in person.

After snow thwarted our first attempt (remember the crazy March 2018 blizzards?!) we finally caught up earlier this year and it was just as lovely, bubbly, connected and relaxed as all our interactions online. That’s why I love Instagram sometimes!

I’ll let Kristie explain her own business Freya’s Nourishment to you.

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Freya's Nourishment Kristie Murphy interview | The Flourishing Pantry

Who are you, what is your business and what job title do you have? 

My name is Kristie, I’m the creator of Freya’s Nourishment which is a natural beauty business.

We have a range of beautiful natural products and a journal with deliciously heathy recipes and all things to do with our wellbeing.

Even after three years I am still unable to answer that succinctly, there are so many arms to what I do. Job title? I don’t give myself one really. Owner. Creator. When I tell people what I do, the reaction tends to be “Oh you’re Freya’s Nourishment” so I guess I am Freya! 


What were you told about work growing up? What career advice were you given? 

I was always told I could do anything I set my mind to. My mum always said don’t chop and change jobs. You need to stay with a job for at least 12 months so you come across as reliable. Plus, it takes at least six months to settle in before you can even begin to like a job.

We were taught that ethos with everything though. New after school activities? You chose to do it so you have to commit to it for the full term. And if you’re going to do it, give it your best.  

What jobs were recommended to you before you started this business? 

I wasn’t really recommended anything to be honest. I worked in the catering industry from my teens right through my twenties because I loved to cook. I had every conceivable job from dish hand, waitress, barista (although we weren’t called anything that fancy back then!) cook and café manager.

I also worked on the functions side of things, again both cooking and serving. I didn’t get my first office job until I was 28. My last job before starting Freya’s Nourishment was working in the electricity industry here in Melbourne. I had that job for 11 years. 

Kristie Murphy Freya's Nourishment interview | The Flourishing Pantry

How has your mindset changed around work since then?

It’s so different working for yourself!

I completely underestimated how different it would be doing the work on your own behalf. When it’s a product you make yourself, you have created it and turned it into an actual thing, it’s so different putting it out into the world rather than on behalf of someone else.

I would say the first year was just treading water, fast enough to keep my head above water. Learning all the things I never even thought of.

My background in cooking is one of my greatest transferable skill. This comes into the recipes I create but also the products as formulating the products is a recipe in itself.

I also studied remedial massage, aromatherapy and reflexology so that is also a great value to me now. In my last role, I also did a lot of staff training, so that gave me great experience in teaching people in a way that they understand things.  

How do you prioritise your health as a busy entrepreneur? 

Argh! As a natural nurturer, I am so good at teaching others self-care and neglecting it myself! I think a lot of us in the health and wellbeing sector are the same. Although I am getting a lot better at it. The biggest help has been to learn it’s okay to say no. 

Good food is high priority for me, eating my vitamins so to speak.

Exercise. It’s such a mental clear out, and makes you feel physically and mentally strong. It also gives you great energy. Whether it be weights at the gym, a class, a beach session, a run, I mix it up depending on my mood and my time.

I have a lot of footbaths! They are a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Phone over on the table on the other side of the room, sound off and turned upside down! Rest on the couch with your feet in a warm basin of water with salts, it’s heaven! It also sets you up for a great bedtime routine.

I also take care of myself with modalities such as kinesiology and acupuncture. 

How does food feature in your life and what does it mean to you? 

I adore food! Food is a huge part of my life. I read about it, I cook it, I create recipes, I watch cooking programs, buy magazines and cookbooks. I cook every night, well 99% of the time.

I am constantly trialling recipes for my website and Facebook group. It’s all wholefoods. I don’t buy pre-packaged foods.

I know it’s a cliché but food really is medicine. I have had health stuff going on over the years and food, plus natural medicines, are what has helped me.

Plus, I have two celiac genes along with other intolerances, and added to that foods that I just won’t eat.

The Danish side of me is strong, to sit down to a delicious meal is very important. Hygge. It’s what I grew up with and it runs deep in me. 


What is your favourite meal, something you would recommend others learn to cook or prepare? 

Oh, my least favourite question! My favourites vary so much! If you are absolutely making me chose I would say a chia pudding for breakfast, it’s my favourite summer breakfast and is incredibly versatile. Also good in winter if you have it warm.  You just need the basic recipe then can mix it up with different flavours, toppings, layers. It’s endless. I tend to make a big jar that will keep me going for a few days. Then I just need to worry about the flavours and toppings each day. It makes the morning routine so much easier. 

Try Kristie’s blueberry coconut chia pudding recipe.

The other thing I would recommend is a good raw dessert. I love serving a raw cheesecake to someone who hasn’t tried it before and seeing their faces when they realise it’s not weird! I get such joy seeing people realise that you can be healthy and not miss out on good things.  

Try Kristie’s Raw Snickers Cheesecake recipe.

The voice in your head - we’ve all got one! What negative thing does it say to you most often and how do you deal with it? 

 Oh I am so hard on myself! That voice can be so mean! I second guess myself a lot. Being aware of it when it happens helps, and not automatically buying into it. I call that mean voice out, and tell it to back off. If things don’t work out, well at least I’ve tried.


Success – what does it mean to you? What is your version of success? 

Success in my business is helping others to be healthy. Realising that they don’t have to deprive themselves just because they either chose to be healthy or maybe they have intolerances and allergies where they have to cut a lot of things out. It’s all about being conscious of what you put on, and into, your body. That’s the whole ethos behind Freya’s Nourishment

And personally? It’s being happy. Doing what I love doing. Having a lifestyle that I want, being able to make choices rather than choices being made for me. To keep learning and growing. To work through all the layers of stuff we all carry around with us and to just be. 

Kristie Murphy Freya's Nourishment | The Flourishing Pantry

Self-care. What does it mean to you and what self-care practises do you have to look after yourself as a busy entrepreneur? 

Self-care to me is about self-respect. It’s putting yourself first.

We grow up thinking we should put others first but how can we give to others if we are depleted? You see posts on social media and people writing about self-care not all being about bubble baths. True, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have the little moments out, soaking in a tub or taking yourself off for a pampering facial or massage.

It’s about living the life you want to live, being happy in all aspects of your life, taking care of your mind, body and soul.  

I walk my dogs every morning, which is my switch off, meditation time. The thoughts flow through my head and I love being out with them, watching the joy they get from being out sniffing and in nature, I am inspired from the most unusual places. Exercise is another form of self-care for me.

My diary is my saviour. I make sure if I have things on they are spaced out so that I have a day working in the office or kitchen in between, to be quiet and recharge. I look at my diary a week ahead and block out days for product making, recipe testing, writing. Things that can be done quietly, things that recharge my soul. So being aware and conscious. Listening to my body, knowing when I need time out, is probably my biggest form of self-care. 

What one book, video or podcast would you recommend to entrepreneurs? 

 Am I the only person on this planet that doesn’t constantly listen to pod casts? I keep meaning to look into more of them but I love working in silence. And I feel if I am going to listen to something I need to sit down and really listen. Do you have any recommendations that will change my mind?! 

[Vicky: Yes of course! Check out this blog post and also this one too for loads of recommendations. I even need to do an update because I’ve discovered so many more this year… I’m obsessed!] 


What one tip, quote or resource would you share with other entrepreneurs to help them on their journey?

Travel your own path. 

Be aware of what others are doing but don’t focus on it. Do what is right for you as an individual. Do things your way, please don’t follow the crowd. Your voice will be stronger when you are being you. 

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