How to start a wellness blog

Having discovered a passion for all things health and wellness, you’re burning to create a beautiful space on the world wide web to call your own.

But where do you start?
What tools do you need?
What will you write?
How will you reach your audience?

Let me help you get started. Dive into the video to learn more.

Resources to start your wellness blog

1. Identify what to write about

  • What are you passionate about?

  • What do people ask you for advice on?

  • What value can you add to an audience?

  • Use this worksheet to help identify your niche

2. Choose a platform

The big players for bloggers are Squarespace and WordPress.

This is a great article comparing the two and explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

3. Create a brand

4. Design your website

  • Make sure to include:

    • About me page

    • Space for your blog posts - with categories

    • Mailing list sign up

    • Contact page

  • Use Unsplash to download beautiful free images to get your blog started

5. Create content

6. Market your blog posts

If you’re still really struggling to get started with your blog and something else is holding you back, why don’t you book a free step-forward coaching call with me so we can talk it out? No strings attached, I’d love to help.

Check my calendar and book a call now. 

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How to create a successful wellness blog | The Flourishing Pantry