The Capsule Collective

The Capsule Collective is a mini-course and community designed to help busy entrepreneurs stock their cupboards for healthy eating

I know what it’s like being an entrepreneur. You’re passionate about your work - you’ve found something which makes you light up and you work hard every single damn day. You’ve got a brand to build, products to create, marketing to do, social media to manage and there is always more you could be doing. 

So… where does that leave time to cook healthy meals? 

There just aren’t the hours in the day. You know it’s important and you already know the basics. 

You know you should be eating better and you know there are some food choices that leave you feeling sluggish and really affect your work and motivation. 

But you don’t know where to start, you hate the idea of meal prep and eating the same meal every day in order to stay healthy is not your idea of fun. 

That’s where The Capsule Collective comes in.

Watch the introduction to the course showing you all the tips, tools and features of the course:

The Capsule Collective is going to show you how to stock your cupboards for healthy eating, using a capsule collection of ingredients that will transform your approach to eating healthily. 

Get ready for some major changes in your kitchen that are going to be a game changer for you, your health and ultimately your business. 

The Capsule Collective is a series of simple, easy to put into place steps that will leave you feeling more organised and in control in the kitchen and with a stash of ingredients and recipes you can use to create hundreds of healthy meals. 

If you’re short on time but big on progress (you're an entrepreneur, I know you!), if you're fed up making the same old meals and if you know that food can nourish you but you don’t know where to start, join us now.


The Capsule Collective is:

  • not a meal planner 
  • not a list of fruit and veg that are just going to rot in your fridge 
  • not going to patronise you with stuff like “you’ll need oil, salt and pepper” - you know the basics already 
  • not a diet or a weight-loss programme 

The Capsule Collective:

  • is going to help you feel more organised and in control about what to buy to eat 
  • is going to get you eating more varied meals and plenty more fruit and veg 
  • is going to be delivered in quick and easy bites because you need to maximise your time 


Not an entrepreneur but like what you hear?

You can just as easily insert “mum” or “lawyer” or “doctor” in there instead. 

You’re here because you don’t want something that’s written for idiots. You already know the basics and you don’t have time to read through loads of stuff you don’t need or isn’t relevant. 

You’re here because you want to eat healthier and feel more organised when it comes to cooking. Let’s get started.  


What's included?

This mini-course is delivered by email across a week, containing 15 minute videos on the steps you need to clear out, re-stock and prepare easy, flexible recipes that make healthy eating simple and enjoyable. 

You could take action every day for a week as soon as you receive the emails, or you could save them all up and start putting into place the steps at a time that suits you. It's completely flexible. 

We cover:

1.    The Clear Out Challenge

Emptying your cupboard to make way for new ingredients. 

2.    Shopping Time

How to re-stock with products you'll use again and again. Easy to use lists you can take with you to guide your shopping. Short on time? I've even got a 'one click' solution to filling your cupboards with everything you need for healthy eating. 

3.    Meal prep and planning

How to prepare food for quick meals, but without eating the same thing every day.  

4.    Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

Three recipes for each meal time that are totally flexible and adaptable to what you like to eat and what you have in your cupboards. Never be bored with healthy eating again, and never let anything go to waste. 

5. Your relationship with food and healthy eating

A check-in with your mindset around what you eat and how much you prioritise yourself and your nourishment. Why fad diets won't work, how to stop feeling guilty about what you consume and how to start viewing the food you eat in a positive way. 


Want to join us?

The Capsule Collective is now live! Sign up using the link below and get ready to start your kitchen transformation.

I cannot wait to welcome you.